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Luxury photographer in Houston

I had the honor of meeting this amazing family back in East Texas. Mason is their third baby girl and they wanted me to travel from Houston to Fort Worth to capture this special moment. It was worth the drive, all 3 of these sweet girls did amazing! Could they be more perfect? I love them so much!

These were done inside their home.

Look at these sweet sisters.

Guess how Mason was born? In the truck about 10 minutes from the hospital! Daddy is an ER doctor but couldn’t help because he was driving. They also waited until birth to find out her gender, so cool!

Look how gorgeous she is.

Bunker Hill Gardens photographer

I sure love how adorable those newborn lips are!

Bunker Hill Gardens photographer

Three under three, look how precious!

houston family photographer

The bucket pose, chin pose in the bucket is my favorite! Look how adorable she is. Momma wanted some grays in Mason’s newborn setup, which turned out perfect.

But look how cute she is in this mustard lace outfit. She is a doll! She took some soothing to get this portrait, but we got it. I’m so glad we got it.

Look how gorgeous this family is! Getting all three girls to cooperate wasn’t the easiest, but we did it! Which is your favorite family portrait? Bunker Hill Gardens photographer

Luxury photographer in Houston

Mommy and daddy with their 3rd baby girl.

Luxury newborn photographer in Houston

Look at momma with her three girls. So perfect.

houston family portraits

Daddy’s girls!

weston lakes family photographer

Newborn sessions are done within the first two weeks of birth. Between 9-17 days old is my favorite time to photograph these precious babies. This allows me to capture all of the sleepy poses that you see in my portfolio! Ones like these.

Which pose is your favorite? I think the bucket ones are my favorite. I love them from every angle. They are just the sweetest to me.

Here are some more of my favorites. There are so many!

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How to maximize your gallery from a single pose- MJ’s Photography Houston newborn photographer

Houston newborn photographer – MJ’s Photography

katy luxury photographer

How to maximize your gallery from a single pose during a newborn session, while still getting multiple looks!

Newborn sessions can be lengthy especially if that little one just doesn’t want to sleep for you! It is so important to maximize each pose in your newborn galleries. Doing this will help you shorten your newborn session times and still be able to get a great variety of images for your clients. 

It’s all in the wrap!

After doing a couple naked poses I move onto my wrapped poses. Here is where you are going to be able to maximize each wrap! I typically do all of these wrapped poses in an hour.

The first wrapped pose that I do looks something like this. Under this brown wrap is a white basic stretch wrap. It is simple around his chest to hold his hands in place. The brown wrap is simply there for looks and to hold the feet in that cute pose.

katy family photographer Houston newborn photographer

You can see that his hands are in position to get the potato pose, I am working each wrapped pose up to the potato sack pose.

While he is wrapped, you want to get multiple angles. This also gives you the chance for your close ups and of course that coveted feet shot!

The second wrapped pose only requires you to remove the brown wrap that is placed for looks. LEAVE the white wrap that is around the hands and chest on. Change out the outward wrap and change out your bonnet/bow. Grab multiple angles from this setup as well! Below is an example.

houston newborn photography
Houston newborn photographer – MJ’s Photography

Third look. SAME white underneath wrap is on. Baby should still be content because you have left them feeling secure with the white stretch wrap on. Here I am simply using the flokati that I am going to use for the potato sack pose. You can also use this pose to grab the eyelash shot.

Fourth look. You guessed it….I still have on the underneath white wrap. Here you can change out the outward wrap if you choose, this time mom loved neutrals, so I decided to keep the same wrap but changed to a prop to gather a better variety of poses. I added in a bowl with some white fluff and a teddy bear. (NOTE: for me it is super to easy to switch back and forth from props to beanbag due to just swiveling my light, if this is not easy for you, you will have to change up the order a little.)

I also like to grab some profile shots, baby toes, and lips!

About this time mom is done with hair and makeup. So baby is in the perfect wrap for some parent shots. I am usually done with these in less than 10 minutes. Here is just a few.

Fifth wrapped shot! Potato sack time! I know some people do not like this pose…but I am obsessed. I love this pose so much and so do all of my clients. I still have the same white underneath stretch wrap on. I am going to take a second stretch wrap and stabilize the neck and back even more with it. Then you take the third wrap(whichever wrap you want on the outside) and wrap babies feet up to their chest as well. For this session mom wanted an Heirloom album, so I love tying in the same wraps to create a beautiful cohesive album.

Sixth wrapped pose! Just put the 4th wrap over the previous potato sack poses wrap. Same flokati. Like so. Just gives an extra look and takes literally 3 minutes.

Seventh wrapped pose time! Take off the last two wraps, keeping on the two white stretch wraps. Then pick an additional wrap and bonnet to put on. My go to here is the bucket pose!

Here if baby is really asleep, I’ll pull their hands out of the wrap and get a chin pose shot in the bucket. This baby was not down for that pose, so I did chin on arms instead.

Here is an example of froggy pose in the bucket…if they stay asleep. (The first white wrap is still round their chest to make them feel secure).

This is the flow I do for every baby! Of course there will be moderations for each baby, but for the most part I still to this routine. My sessions are typically 2 hours and I get around 80 images to show at their Image reveal session.


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The Heights Photographer – Houston photographer

MJ’s Photography is The Heights Photographer – Houston photographer. MJ services the Katy, Fulshear, Conroe, The Woodlands, Cypress, The Heights, The Galleria, downtown Houston, and more.

Houston photographer

Brittany and her family drove over 3 hours from Fort Hood to come to Houston for her maternity portraits.

The Heights photographer

When clients drive this far for my portraits, it is such an honor. It is also very nerve wrecking ha ha! There is no reshoot option for these sessions! But I think…no I know…we NAILED these!

the galleria photographer

I also got to take Brittany’s maternity portraits when she was pregnant with Lorelai and of course Lorelai’s newborn portraits. This round, she is having a little boy! I cannot wait to meet him.

Look how beautiful Brittany looks. I am obsessed with her entire gallery.

the heights maternity photographer

Lorelai was perfect during mommy and me portraits and family pictures. She had the cutest smile and the sweetest poses. Look at this one? Mom wants this one blown up!

maternity photographer Cypress
the Heights photographer

Here are some more favorites of Lorelai. She even took some with here daddy.

MJ’s Photography is The Heights Photographer. MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service photographer that provides her clients with a luxury experience.

cypress photographer

I did a couple of composites for her maternity gallery. We all know Houston, Texas doesn’t have gorgeous scenery like other states, so I created some for her.

The Heights photographer

I found this gorgeous field of…ummm weeds. And we turned that area into some gorgeous portraits. Here are some favorites. Taken in Katy, Texas.

Royal blue gown- by Sew Trendy

Sage green gown by AbbyBella Couture

Navy blue tulle gown by Leah Marie Couture

MJ’s Photography – The Heights Photographer

MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service luxury photographer who provides clients with Wall art, Heirloom albums, and luxury prints.

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Fulshear best newborn photography -MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography – Fulshear best newborn photography

The Heights best newborn photography

Sophie Rose was perfect for her newborn portrait session. I knew when she looked at me, this was going to be my favorite. Just look at that little face. Mom said she always makes this face!

Fulshear best newborn photography

Those perfect little lips. <3

That perfect little yawn. I tried so hard to capture it, mom wanted a yawn so bad!

Newborn photographer fulshear

Just look! Beautiful sisters.

The Heights best newborn photography
Fulshear best newborn photography

Fulshear best newborn photography

Big brothers turn. He was a little easier to capture 😉

newborn photographer in Katy
katy newborn photographer
cypress newborn photographer

First family portrait. <3 They are perfect.

The Heights best newborn photography

I love portraits with just mom and dad with their new baby.

Fulshear newborn photographer

I always love this angle with dad. It shows just how small they are in daddy’s hands. They will never again fit into your hands this way.

The Heights best newborn photography

Potato sack pose is my favorite! It shows her perfect little face. The rose headband is a perfect touch for Sophie Rose. Want to see a maternity session?

Fulshear best newborn photography

Sophie Rose is a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss.

Perfect smile.

The Heights best newborn photography

pillow by Jeana

marmalade backdrop by Hello Little

“God makes them, I just capture them.” Jme portraits

MJ  |  Fulshear best newborn photography

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Heirloom luxury album – Fulshear Photographer

MJ’s Photography – Fulshear Photographer

Our Heirloom album is imported from Europe to ensure the best quality.

fulshear photographer
Fulshear photographer – MJ”s Photography

Our flushmount album is crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, layflat pages printed on photographic paper. Choose a cover from our genuine Italian leathers, European linens, or Japanese fabrics.

houston newborn photographer

Our Italian Leather albums embody the timeless, classic look that will always inspire. Choose from several genuine Italian grade leathers.

fulshear photographer

This is a beautiful way to display your newborn baby’s first portraits, your gorgeous maternity gallery, your little one’s very first year, or your family’s portraits.

Our gorgeous textured end leaves add the perfect flare.

Fulshear photographer

A full spread includes the left and right side when laying open. Our spreads are creased in the center for a seamless layflat design. Choose any number of spreads between 10 and 40.

Choose from a gorgeous gallery of Italian leathers.

See more products here

fulshear photographer
Fulshear photographer
Fulshear photographer

MJ  |  Fulshear photographer

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At MJ’s Photography, I strive to bring you something different than just digital images.  Time and again, I have seen clients go through the entire process to fall short, with a lackluster set of photos gracing their homes. That is why we will meet for a consultation before your session so that I can understand what you are in search of. We will discuss your vision for your portraits, see the beautiful heirloom albums to the exquisite wall art, as well as review your future investment with me.

Katy baby photographers

MJ’s Photography is a Katy baby photographers in the Houston area.

Katy baby photographers

I have been capturing Jaxson since he was a newborn. I have loved seeing him grow through the years. He has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen! Look at those rolls.

Katy baby photographers

How can you even pick a favorite? I’m obsessed with them all. Those rolls and that smile! He even laughed out loud when he smiled!

Capturing Jaxson’s first birthday portraits was amazing. He was the happiest little guy and gave the most beautiful expressions.

He gave out the biggest laugh when I captured this one. Just look at those tummy rolls! I am in love.

Katy baby photographers

His little jeans with suspenders were just the cutest. I cannot handle those little teeth.

Katy baby photographers

Can you believe he is walking? I got so excited seeing him take off.

Momma got this portrait matted in a 16×20 reclaimed wood frame. I cannot wait to see it!

Katy baby photographers
Katy baby photographers – MJ’s Photography

Jaxson wasn’t sure about his cake. He did not think getting messy was all that it was cracked up to be!

Katy baby photographers

I adore his cake! His theme was dinosaurs.

Katy baby photographers

He did not want to eat it! We tried and tried but after one bite that was it!

Katy baby photographers

And that was a wrap.

Katy baby photographers

MJ  |  Katy baby photographers

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Photographer near Rolling Oaks – MJ’s photography

Photographers in Rock CreekPhotographer near Rolling Oaks – MJ’s photography featuring Adaline.

Adaline arrived at her session with a wonderful group of family! It was amazing seeing so many family members who wanted to join in on her newborn session. Look at this group photo!

Photographers in Rock Creek

Adaline was a dream during her newborn session. We started off with some pink for this sweet baby girl.

Isn’t she perfect with her little hand on her cheek?

Grandma had bought her a mermaid outfit and mamma wanted to include it in her baby session.

I love all white. There is something about just seeing all of the sweet newborn details that makes it beautiful!

Daddy loves playing tennis and bought his sweet girl her own little racket. Look at those lips! They got this one on a canvas!<3

Photographer in Rock Creek
Momma’s favorite. photographers in Memorial tx

Mommy wanted a special setup with her wedding gown. She also brought Adaline’s own little lace bible. Just a perfect setup that Adaline will love seeing when she is older.

This vintage bonnet and her little profile….ahhhhh beautiful!

Photographers in Rock Creek La Centerra photographer Memorial newborn photographer

Newborn baby in a bucket. Need I say more! – Photographer near Rolling Oaks

Cypress luxury photographer

Here are some more favorites from Adaline’s newborn session.

katy newborn photographer memorial Hermann photography

photographers in Rock Creek

Such a special picture with her grandpas.

La Centerra newborn photographer

Here are some more family images! All of the grandmas joined in.

photographers in Rock Creek

Sweet Adaline was picked by her siblings in heaven. Mom and Dad went through quite a storm, but the end of the storm brought a beautiful rainbow…Miss Adaline.

Headbands by Lucky Crickets. Want a headband for your baby? She makes all sizes and even does custom orders!  Make sure you tell her I sent you!

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Elise is one! MJ’s Photography – Houston baby photographer

Elise is one! MJ’s Photography – Houston baby photographer

Katy first birthday photographer

Somehow I blinked and my newborn baby is turning one years old. How does that happen? It can’t be!

Houston baby photographer

It is the eve of her first birthday and as I sit and look through all of her birth and newborn pictures, I wonder just where the time has gone. An entire year has went by. I cannot wrap my head around it. They always tell you that the years are short when you have kids, they are right. They are so very short.

Elise is such a joy. She loves to laugh, smile, crawl, and get into mischief. She is the light of the room. She looks up to her big sister and her big sister could not love anyone more. I love seeing them together. Houston baby photographer

She is just under 20lb. She still doesn’t have any teeth! Not a one! She is taking steps, but doesn’t fully walk. That doesn’t stop her, she crawls up playscapes and all over the yard. She is into everything. She can climb and she can climb up high. She says Mamma, Dada, Bye bye, Emma, and night night. She plays peek a boo, hide and seek, chasing after her big sister, and she loves her animals. She sleeps from 6pm to almost 8am. She is still taking two naps, this girl loves her sleep. She will eat anything you put in front of her. No teeth, but can eat anything! I’m amazed. She is such a blessing to us.

Each month I captured her little personality. This cake smash was a blast.

MJ's Photography
Elise- MJ’s Photography – Houston baby photographer

We did two cake smashes. I can’t help myself. Enjoy!

MJ’s Photography

Houston baby photographer
Those toes!! Houston baby photographer

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MJ – Houston baby photographer

Romper by Annie Banannie clothing

Flowers by Lucky Crickets

Cake by The Southern Fried mama

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Fulshear baby photography – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography is a Fulshear baby photography

Fulshear baby photography

Ohhhhhh 6 months old. What a fun age. Their little personalities are coming to fruition. The laughs, the giggles, and all the smiles. It is such a fun age to capture. They are half a year, not a newborn, but not a toddler quite yet. Baby rolls are still in tact and they can’t quite get away from you, most of them anyway. Elise is sitting up so well and has been since she was 5 months old.

Fulshear baby photography

East Texas child photographer Fulshear baby photography

Elise is already 6 months old and I absolutely cannot believe it. Time really flies. She has the bubbliest personality and is the calmest baby! Her dimple chin gets me every single time! I look back at the past 6 months and cannot imagine my life without her. She brings so much joy not only to me and my husband, but to her big sister. I love how much they love each other.

Fulshear baby photography
Fulshear baby photography- MJ’s Photography

Fulshear baby photography

Just look at her hair. Her nickname is Mo…because of her adorable mohawk! No we do not style it that way, but we definitely do not try to lay it down either. That hair is her and we love it just how it is.

Fulshear baby photography

I love being able to capture this precious milestone. Before you know it, they will be walking and into everything. It’s such a sweet age. Cuddles are still an option! Just look at that smile. My hearts melts every time I see it.

Fulshear baby photography

For half a year sessions, they can either be outdoor or indoor in my studio in Houston Texas. Katy to be exact. Some times, weather permitting, we do a little of both!

East Texas child photographer

Skirt made by Annie Banannie Clothing

Fulshear baby photography – MJ’s Photography

Even if your little one isn’t quite sitting up, we can use certain props to help them. It’s the perfect time to capture their personalities.

Fulshear baby photography

Headbands by Lucky Crickets

MJ  | Fulshear baby photography – serving the Houston Texas area for professional child portraits.

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into November of 2019

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Looking for a newborn photographer near Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear? | MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography | Looking for a newborn photographer near Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear?

Miss Avery was an amazing newborn model at 6 days new. She was my very last newborn session of 2016 and I could not have asked for a better baby! She was gorgeous. Look at her sweet profile in the potato sack pose.

Looking for a newborn photographer near Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear? What does that mean?

I am a boutique photography studio located in Fulshear, Texas. This means that I only accept a certain amount of clients per month. This method ensures that each client will get fantastic customer service and a customized experience.

I customize everything we do to exactly what you are looking for.  Before your session we will have a pre-consultation. This is when we will discuss your vision for your portraits and create your custom experience.  I offer several options to create the perfect art for your family. This can include wall art, heirloom albums, and fine art prints. After your session, I will sit down with you and help you select which products are perfect for your family. Your chosen images are all hand edited with techniques that I have learned and perfected over the years.

I am with my clients from beginning to end. Every client leaves with beautiful products and prints. There is something so amazing about getting to see your gorgeous images in your home every single day.

Sibling pictures were first with big brother. He wasn’t so sure at first, but we got the perfect portrait of them two together! Mommy printed it out huge on a 20×30 canvas. I’m sure she lights up every time she walks by it in her home. How could you not? Both babies are smiling!

I love getting a variety of shots during newborn sessions. From baskets, to bowls, to backdrops, I make sure you have a variety to choose from. A variety of images makes a beautiful album. Avery’s heirloom album turned out perfect.

I think the navy setup was one my favorite! There is something so beautiful about a little girl in blue!

She was born around Christmas time, so we included a holiday setup even if her session was a few days after Christmas. She is perfect all wrapped up in a Santa sack!

Here is another sweet setup for Avery. This first pose is called the taco pose(I’m not sure why) but I just love how it shows off her gorgeous face, tiny fingers, and perfect little toes.

Some floral and pop of color went so well with her skin tone. Baby fingers and baby toes are just the absolute sweetest.

Mommy said she loved the purples, so I made sure to include a purple newborn setup. It turned out perfectly! Her little newborn toes look like a bouquet of toes!

Wall art Galleria, Looking for a newborn photographer near Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear?

Mommy mentioned her love for pinks as well, I think Avery can pull of just about any color.

fulshear newborn photos, Cypress newborn photographer

MJ  | Fulshear newborn photography

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Looking for a newborn photographer near Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear?