Wincrest Falls – Houston photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Wincrest Falls – Houston photographer.

Wincrest Falls Houston photographer

This family is seriously magazine worthy. They just give me all the feels!

Look at these two? He is the sweetest big brother and I love this one of them two! It’s going to look amazing on their wall in my imported wood blocks!

houston photographer
Wincrest Falls - Houston photographer
Wincrest Falls – Houston photographer – MJ’s Photography

Doing family portraits is so important! We all know how fast our babies grow and it’s so important to capture them with you. When they are grown, they will look back on these and smile.

My clients love displaying their wall art in different wall art options. From Wood blocks to metal prints, I will make your dream wall decor! This wood block collage is going to look so amazing on their walls.

wincrest falls photographer

Look at those smiles. So in love with this one.

Momma with her babies. We all know how often us moms get behind the camera and get that picture with our babies. Not…very…often. Let’s make that happen! To inquire click here

houston family photographer

Look at this proud daddy with his baby girl.

katy family photographer

Momma and her girl.

fulshear photographer
Wincrest falls photographer

Momma’s boy! The way he is looking at her is everything.

houston photographer

I love capturing just mom and dad. Usually when I ask when the last time you got portraits as a couple they say….ummmm our wedding! Time to change that! Look how gorgeous these two are.

Wincrest Falls - Houston photographer
memorial houston photographer

This is my favorite family portrait from their session!! I just love everything about it! Look at that sibling bond.

katy reserve photographer

It is never to early to book. I am booking into February of 2020.

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Her selfless gift – Adoption Houston Photographer

Rhett’s Adoption. MJ’s Photography – Houston Photographer

houston photographer

3.5 years…. 42 months…. roughly 1,260 days…. It took less time than many couples who are plagued with infertility to have a child, but we still felt every moment of that wait. After trying to conceive with IVF last spring and being told at 32 that my egg quality was similar to that of a woman ten years my senior, we immediately decided to pursue adoption.

houston photographer

We became active with our agency August 9, 2018, just four months after our failed transfer. In January 2019 we attempted to get licensed with a foster care agency because there was 5 year old girl we desperately wanted to adopt- Aubrey. I had dreams for months after our IVF transfer that had a little girl, about 5 years old, that was our daughter. When I saw Aubrey’s face in a news story searching for an adoptive home I immediately recognized it. It was her. The little girl in my dreams…. our daughter. Since the embryo we transferred was a female, I had always assumed the connection was my subconscious telling me she was okay and that it was okay for us to continue to pursue adoption. When I saw her face everything in my soul told me this was more than a coincidence. We put our names on hold with our agency and decided to pursue foster-to-adopt in the hopes that we could become Aubrey’s parents. I just KNEW that she was meant to be ours. She resembled me when I was little in addition to being identical to the girl in my dreams. Getting licensed through foster care takes months and by the time we were close to having everything completed, a home had been selected for Aubrey. We were heartbroken. We called our agency and asked to have our names put back on their list in March. She told us the previous two months had been a very busy time with the agency and that she had placed multiple children in that time frame. I remember being so frustrated with our detour and doubting our decision to take a two month hiatus.

MJ’s Photography – Houston Photographer

katy photographer

On April 23 my husband and I were both at work and I got a call. I didn’t recognize the number and I was in a patient’s room so I did not answer. I finished up with my patient and went into the break room to check my voicemail. It was our agency asking me to call back ASAP. My heart was racing as I hit redial. She didn’t answer. I was so anxious that I could barely catch my breath when the number showed up on my caller ID again. I answered with my voice quivering as she told me about a “unique situation” she had and asked if we would be open to it. It wasn’t an infant, but it was a little boy that was 5 months old. She had already talked to my husband (which is why she didn’t answer the phone when I called) and he said he would rather her talk to me about it. To spare details I will say the adoption had some risk of us not being able to keep him.

It was a risk I was ready to take without hesitation.

cypress photographer

My very logical husband wanted to discuss every angle and possibility, but ultimately said the decision was mine. I called the agency back and asked when we could pick him up. We drove 3.5 hours each way to pick him up the very next day and he has been our son since the moment we laid eyes on him. Legally we remained in a risk period until the end of August so the first four months we were on pins and needles waiting for a call that could potentially turn our wold upside down- either we would be able to keep him through the next legal step, or that we would have to return him to his birth family. We soaked up every moment we could with him.

When the end of August came and we finally finished the legal battles, there was an overwhelming sense of relief. In the state of Texas it’s required that a child live in your home for six months before you can finalize their adoption. October 24 marked six months and the judge ordered that he was officially our son on November 7, 2019. The wait was long and we doubted ourselves and our decisions at every turn, but ultimately we had to endure it all.

houston adoption

Every little turn, every detour, every time we felt we took one step forward and two steps back- it was all part of the journey to our son.

Our perfect baby boy who has his Papa’s grin and my innate ability to fall asleep 3 seconds into a car ride- just one different step or hesitation could have thrown us off our course to him. We are thankful for every second of this journey, thankful for every sign that the universe sent telling us to keep going and not doubt ourselves, and thankful for the love and support our family and friends have shown and continue to show for us and our son.

Most especially we are grateful to his birth momma, C, who put his needs before her own and made one of the most difficult decisions a mother can ever have to make. We cannot imagine life without this precious gift that she so selflessly gave us, and she will always have a place in our hearts!

Here is the adoption day through pictures! MJ- Houston Photographer

Waiting for the Judge to come make us official!

It is TIME!!!

When they asked “Are you ready to be his mommy forever?” We all teared up. She didn’t hesitate and said YES!!!!

MJ- Houston Photographer

Adoption day- Houston photographer


houston adoption photographer

and some cute baby booty to make your day amazing. <3

To learn more about adoption in Texas- Visit here

It is never to early to book. I am booking into January of 2020.

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Katy TX family photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Katy TX family photographer that specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits.

Katy TX family photographer

I had the honor of photographing the Forrestier family this past week. Tabitha is the owner of Annie Banannie Clothing. She made the girls dresses and the boys vests in this portrait. Go check her out!

This momma rocks being a mom of 6, homeschooling, and OWNING her own business! How incredible is that. Dad owns his own business as well!

Daddy and his babies.

fulshear family photographer
Katy TX family photographer

Momma and her babies.

Katy TX photographer
Katy TX family photographer

Fun fact: Annie Banannie is named after their oldest daughter…Annie! This dress is releasing this week…better run!!

Katy TX family photographer

Mom wanted a special portrait of just her and her girls. They are absolutely stunning during this Texas sunset.

fulshear mommy and me photographer

Here are some more family favorites. I just love all of the candid portraits of them together. I am a huge black and white fan, these really speak to me in black and white!

All 6 of their gorgeous babies. They are so well mannered and extra sweet.

katy tx child photographer

Of course we had to get some of them as a couple. Aren’t they perfect? I love getting images of just mom and dad. How often does this happen?

Katy TX family photographer- MJ’s Photography

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Cypress photography

MJ’s Photography captures Cypress photography. MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ services the Houston area for all your portrait needs.

I have been photographing sweet Charlie since before he was born. It’s always an honor to be chosen to capture a family as they grow.

His favorite song right now is Baby shark. Daddy started singing and Charlie was dancing. Look at those little teeth!

He was so happy this morning. I just love this closeup.

Look at him standing up! When did he get so big? 🙁

Look at his eyes here! He is gorgeous! If you are looking for Cypress photography in the Houston area, contact me now.

I love when mommy and daddy want to join in. Look how sweet this family is.

That look on Charlies face while Daddy is holding him up! I love it.

Look at that smirk with his mommy.

Cake time! Charlie devoured his cake. We eventually had to take it away, he would have eaten it all!

So happy eating his cake.

Look at that smile! He loved smashing his cake.

“God makes them, I just capture them.” Jme portraits

MJ  |  Cypress photography – featuring cake smash

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Heirloom luxury album – Fulshear Photographer

MJ’s Photography – Fulshear Photographer

Our Heirloom album is imported from overseas to ensure the best quality.

Fulshear photographer – MJ”s Photography

Our flushmount album is crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, layflat pages printed on photographic paper. Choose a cover from our genuine Italian leathers, European linens, or Japanese fabrics.

Our Italian Leather albums embody the timeless, classic look that will always inspire. Choose from several genuine Italian grade leathers.


This is a beautiful way to display your newborn baby’s first portraits, your gorgeous maternity gallery, your little one’s very first year, or your family’s portraits.

Our gorgeous textured end leaves add the perfect flare.


A full spread includes the left and right side when laying open. Our spreads are creased in the center for a seamless layflat design. Choose any number of spreads between 10 and 40.

Choose from a gorgeous gallery of Italian leathers.

Albums start at 3490 and 10 spreads.

MJ  |  Fulshear photographer

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Katy texas child photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Katy texas child photographer located in Houston Texas.

Kannon just turned three years old! Isn’t he just the cutest little boy you have ever seen?

Katy texas child photographer

Yes his little bow tie has sharks on it. I can’t even handle it

houston photographer cypress photographer katy photographer

We had a bad storm here a couple weeks ago and this giant pine tree got completely uprooted from the ground. We went over there and he was so amazed by this tree. So I figured, hey let’s capture him being little!

Here he is throwing pine cones at me! We had a blast.

Katy texas child photographer

Kannon is 3 and so full of energy! He would have stayed playing on this tree all day if I would have let him.

This may be my favorite picture of him! Just crawling on the tree, enjoying being little.

Katy texas child photographer

These little suspenders! Little bitty man.

Wysteria is blooming in Texas! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Katy texas child photographer

Look at all of the gorgeous wild flowers blooming in the fields. I love them.

MJ  |  Katy texas child photographer

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into August 2019.

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Boutique products – Imported custom wood blocks

When someone walks into your home and sees your portraits displayed, I want them to say ” WOW! These look amazing I have never seen anything like this!”

fulshear twin newborn photographer

 Boutique products – Imported custom wood blocks

At MJ’s Photography I want you to have the best quality products for your portraits. Gorgeous products that you want to proudly display in your home.

Family photography katy tx

These gorgeous custom wood blocks are hand crafted and imported from Europe.

boutique products

“As creators of eternal memories, we wish that our photographs would come alive outside of our computers, which is why we have searched for the right way our photographs can enrich our homes. We have developed unique and natural wood products that will make your photographs glow.”

“All products have an organic, natural, vintage hint and are made with a lot of love and a great deal of patience.”


Look how gorgeous this nursery with our imported wooden collage.

“With the use of rounded edges, the photographs are given the final touch. They are covered with a protective layer that expands their lifespan and appearance.”

– Ana

boutique products

The texture, look, and feel of these wooden portraits is nothing short of amazing.

boutique products

Here is one Boutique product – the 5×7 duo featuring a birth announcement! I adore these in every way. When someone walks into your home, they will stop and look at your portraits.


Look at this gorgeous collage of these twin babies! This collection is called the Adore collection and I can see why. I adore everything about it.  It features two 12×12 blocks and six 6×6 blocks. Imagine your family’s portraits on these gorgeous blocks! It is certain to stop your guest in their tracks.

boutique products

Here is a look at the blocks up close. The rounded, smooth edges really add to the over all organic look to the wooden blocks. Their are tiny holes on the back that make displaying your collage on the wall easy.

Here is a video on me opening up one of my new sets! Click the link below on MJ’s Photography.

MJ’s Photography – link to video

Look how gorgeous these family portraits look displayed!


MJ  |  Boutique products | Boutique photography studio – Fulshear and Katy Texas

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Katy first birthday photography – MJ’s photography

MJ’s photography does Katy first birthday photography for the Central Texas/Houston area.

Longview cake smash photographer

I absolutely love getting to photograph my newborns at their first birthday. I have gotten to see Daniel grow over this past year and I have enjoyed it so much. They grow so fast!

Mommy got this first image below on her fine art canvas. I can’t wait until it comes in!

Daniel has grown into the most adorable chunky baby boy! Look at those gorgeous curls. He’s standing, taking steps, and soon will be running with his mommy chasing after him!

Katy first birthday photography Katy first birthday photography

He started walking to his mommy here and I teared up. I just remember his newborn session like it was yesterday and now I am doing his first birthday session.

Katy first birthday photography
He started walking to his mommy here! I most definitely teared up.

Katy first birthday photography Longview cake smash photographer

Daniel’s mom made his cake for his cake smash session. It turned out great! We decided to do his cake smash session in front of the creek. He just loves water so much!

He wasn’t sure at first. He was really into tasting those delicious rocks, but once mommy showed him what the icing tasted like, he dug in!

I just love how you can see his tiny bottom teeth!

Katy first birthday photography

After he turned the cake upside down, he took a little dip in the creek! (Don’t worry grandma was right behind him)

Katy first birthday photography Katy first birthday photography Longview cake smash photographer

MJ | Katy first birthday photography

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day from Miss Adalyn-Katy Photographer

Katy Photographer – MJ

I was given the honor of taking Adalyn’s Valentine portraits when she was 5 months old. Her mommy had told me that she was extra special, that she also had down syndrome. She also had told me about the hole in her heart, so I had to get a special outfit for her.

Her mommy, Carrie, has written their story to share with all of you. Here is one of my favorite images of her! <3

Katy photographer

“As many first time parents, much thought, planning and intention go into having a child. Through Chad and I’s 10 years of building our relationship we often pondered the idea of one day having a child. We both put a lot of thought and consideration into what this would mean for our lives and how things would change. Having a child is the absolute biggest, most life-changing experience one could have. After much deliberation we decided it was time.

A month later it happened! Even though we “planned”, we were still beyond shocked. We were both in disbelief for the first couple days, maybe even weeks. The day after discovering the news Chad headed out to a training mission in California for a month and I headed off to Hawaii with a good friend, Erika, for a Salsa Convention. I had the time of my life! We danced, hiked, zumba’d through the week and before we knew it, we were on our way back. It was a wonderful distraction since I decided I wanted to wait until Chad’s return to see the doctor.

He returned and doctor confirmed we were in fact pregnant. During this first appointment the doctor asked if we were interested in completing an optional triple screening to potentially detect chromosomal and other various deficiencies with the baby. We opted in because we wanted to be prepared and educated if something was to arise.

A few weeks later we received the results, the day after Easter to be precise. I was 12 weeks along and it was a day we could never forget and  never in a million years would we have imagined that we would be the 1 in 700 individuals to test with a 99.9% possibility of trisomy 21. Trisomy 21 is triplication of the 21st chromosome resulting in down’s syndrome.

It took  a couple of days of just Chad and I internalizing the diagnosis and then we jumped right into embracing it and started really educating ourselves and trying to prepare. We started sharing the news with each individual family member in which case everyone was extremely supportive. For extended family and friends we wrote a letter and explained that we were expecting our baby girl and that we were fairly sure she would have down’s syndrome and we hoped everyone would be as willing and excited to welcome our baby Adalyn into the world as we were.

The pregnancy from that point on was scary! Everything was scary! Absolutely traumatizing. I had lots, and LOTS of ultrasounds. In fact one every other day for two weeks. They nearly took her at 22 weeks due to lack of fluid. Yes, traumatic! Long story short we had Adalyn 4 days shy of full term! That same day we discovered she had a massive hole in the center of her heart therefore, where normally there are four chambers, she has a mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. She spent 2 weeks in the NICU but from day one she was surpassing any and all expectations doctors had thought. The main objective during this time was weight gain and getting her to complete feeds in case heart surgery was imminent and the fact that she was born at 4lbs. 6 oz. They wanted to beef her up before going home and ensure she would thrive.

She is now 6 months old and heart doctors are boggled with how much progress she’s had in closing her holes in her heart all by herself, no medication! With her particular heart defect the majority need immediate surgery. Her heart doctor is now projecting surgery won’t be necessary until she’s around 1 years old. This is amazing because the larger they are the easier the surgery is for them. There’s also a chance she may not even need the surgery however our doctor said she would be his first if this is true.

With this being said, we can plan all that we want, but if you are the chosen one for an exceptional circumstance you simply re-write your plan. We couldn’t be any more happy, proud, or love our daughter anymore than we do. Adalyn having down’s syndrome has increased our awareness as well as our families. It has educated us and lastly it has opened our hearts to an entire new population of individuals that bring such a joy to life. We could never be more thankful for those three reasons alone.

So Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!! We know ours will be!!”

Here are some of the images from Adalyn’s sessions. Isn’t she beautiful?

MJ’s Photography is a Katy Photographer

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Katy Photographer – MJ’s Photography

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