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Professional business photographers near me

Professional business photographers near me

Have you ever wondered why some people invest in professional headshots? Well, there are several reasons for that. First a professional headshot can help you make a great first impression, whether it’s for a job interview, a social media profile, or a business website. A good headshot can convey your personality, professionalism, and approachability, and help you stand out from the crowd. You want to STOP THE SCROLL! Once you stop their scroll, they will actually take a look at you.

katy headshots

A good professional headshot can also boost your confidence and self-esteem. When you look your best, you feel your best, and that can translate into better performance and more success in your personal and professional life.

professional photography studio near me

So, if you’re still using a low-quality or outdated headshot, or if you don’t have any at all, it is time to invest in a professional one. It’s an investment that will pay off in many ways and help you achieve your goals.

That is why I always provide professional hair and makeup for your headshot. We will have an expert to guide you through the process.

Houston headshots

A professional headshot can also be one of the most important assets for your brand and marketing. By using a consistent and high-quality headshot across all your online and offline platforms, you can create a strong and recognizable image that can attract more clients, customers, or opportunities.

Looking for a Professional business photographers near me? MJ can capture these for you or your corporate office. Click headshots, for booking information.

We will have a consultation phone call to determine outfits, styling, and your overall vibe that you want to give! Let’s make these perfect.

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Maternity Photographer Fulshear

MJ is a Maternity photographer Fulshear

Maternity photographer Fulshear

If you’re expecting a baby, you might wonder whether it’s worth hiring a professional maternity photographer to capture this special time in your life. While it’s certainly possible to take your own photos or have a friend or family member snap some shots, the turn out is not going to be like a professional.

The Heights maternity photographer

They can offer their expertise in posing, lighting, and composition to create beautiful and timeless images that you’ll treasure for years to come. Additionally, a professional photographer will have access to high-quality equipment and editing software that can help enhance the final results.

maternity photographer Fulshear

Ultimately, investing in a professional maternity photographer can be a wonderful way to celebrate this unique and exciting moment in your life.

Maternity photographer Fulshear – MJ’s Photography

Professional photographers who specialize in maternity portraits, will also provide the dresses and gowns for you to use during your maternity pictures. You shouldn’t have to purchase a gown to wear for one day!

Capturing the beauty and essence of pregnancy is one of the most precious moments that a woman can experience. That’s why hiring a professional photographer can make a huge difference in creating beautiful and timeless maternity pictures that you can cherish for years to come.

Katy newborn photos

After maternity, your newborn portraits are included in the session fee! Book those too.

With my expertise in lighting, posing and composition, I can help you capture the glow of pregnancy, the bond between you and your partner, and the anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world. Don’t let this precious moment pass by without preserving it beautifully. Hire a photographer for maternity pictures today….Hire MJ!

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Headshot Photographer Katy Texas

Headshot photographer Katy Texas – MJ’s Photography

Headshot photographer Katy Texas

When it comes to choosing a photographer for your headshots, it’s important to do your research and find someone who specializes in headshot/branding photography. Look for someone with experience and a portfolio that showcases their work. You want to make sure they fit your vision! Someone local to the Katy/Houston area.

You may also want to read reviews from past clients to get a sense of their satisfaction with the photographer’s work. Additionally, consider the photographer’s personality and communication style, as you want to feel comfortable and at ease during your photoshoot. Finally, make sure to discuss the details of the shoot, such as the location, outfits, and any specific requests you may have, to ensure you get the best possible results.

headshots near Katy

Looking for a new hairstylist? Book Blanca!

Headshot photographer Katy Texas

The best style of headshots can vary depending on your industry and personal preferences. In general, it’s recommended to choose a style that is clean, simple, and professional. This means using a neutral background, avoiding busy patterns or distracting accessories, and focusing on good lighting and composition. Your photographer can help guide you in choosing a style that will best showcase your personality and professional image.

Fulshear headshot photographer

That doesn’t mean we are doing all stuffy portraits. Sure we will do some basic headshots, but we will also include colors and flair! I want these to represent your personality. Not just basic grays. These grays are far from boring! No one wants boring headshots.

Headshots in Katy Texas

Want to see some more branding images? Every business needs to update their branding/headshot portraits!

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MJ – Headshot photographer Katy Texas

family photographer Katy- Why do photographers want to shoot in the evening?

family photographer Katy

The time that I choose to photograph a majority of my clients is the hour before sunset, the golden hour. I live for those dreamy, sun hazed filled images.  I joke that I want to be ” One with the Sun” when I am photographing, but seriously, I do. The lighting is the #1 thing that I focus on when choosing when and where we will hold your session.

Are there any exceptions? Sure there are. If it is cloudy, the area is heavily shaded, or we are shooting indoors (mostly newborns and sitters).

Will you really turn down a shoot because someone wants their session at noon? I will. I want your pictures to be amazing, if they are taken at noon, I know that the lighting will not be there. I will not chance it. If you are paying for professional portraits, it is an investment and it is memories, I want them to be worthy of hanging on your walls for years to come.

Below I will show you some photos taken in Katy, Texas during the Golden hour. I will also upload one that I did a while back, before I stuck to my Golden hour rule.

family photographer Katy
family photographer Katy

Maternity pictures taken in Katy, Texas

family photographer Katy

Are you ready for the non golden hour

I don’t have any…so here they are from Google lol! 

I shoot early mornings or evening, the hour before sunset.


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Katy newborn photos -What is the latest age for newborn pictures?

Katy newborn photos – MJ’s Photography

Katy newborn photos

A common question I get a lot is how old is too old for newborn photos? Honestly you’ll get a million different answers from every photographer.

Newborn pictures are typically taken within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, but some photographers may consider babies up to six weeks old as “newborns” for the purpose of a photo session.

houston newborn photographer

However, it is important to see that the older the baby, the less likely they are to sleep through the session and pose in the curly, womb-like positions that are characteristic of newborn photography.

That being said, there is no hard and fast rule about the latest age for newborn pictures, as every photographer has their own approach and style.

katy newborn photography

Photographers typically prefer to take pictures of newborns within the first two weeks of their life because during this time, babies are more likely to sleep for long periods of time and be more cooperative during the photo session.

Also, their bodies are more flexible and they can be easily posed in the curly positions that are characteristic of newborn photography. As babies grow older, they become more alert and active, making it difficult to capture those peaceful, sleeping shots.

Will I turn you away if your baby is older than 2-3 weeks? NOOOOOOO. I will do your newborn photos at any age. I have done newborn photos at 3 months old! Bring me your baby, I’ll capture them beautifully.

Katy newborn photos

Want to see some more newborn photos? Or Maternity photos? Click here!

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Katy newborn photos- MJ’s Photography

Newborn photographer Katy tx

Do you have a studio or shoot in the clients home? – Newborn photographer Katy tx

Portrait photographer Katy TX

I get this question almost every phone call. Studio or in home? There are big differences between a studio newborn session and an in home newborn session.

Let’s talk them through.

Studio newborn sessions are done in a professional studio. It will already be set up fully by the time you arrive. There will be newborn prop beds, baskets, wraps, and more. Professional solid backgrounds will be used for your family portraits. Here are some examples of a studio session. Newborn photographer Katy tx

Newborn photography in fulshear

Houston newborn photographer

This newborn bed is specifically made for newborn portraits. It’s the right size to capture their first moments.

Newborn photographer Katy tx

At your consultation, before your session, we will go over the specific colors that you are wanting for your newborn baby’s session. Usually this is to match the nursery, that way when you order custom wall art for your nursery, it matches perfectly.

Fulshear newborn photographer

Neutrals are always a win for your newborn session because they match almost any room. We will do a variety of poses to make sure we capture the perfect portrait for your decor.

Now a in home newborn session is more of a lifestyle session. This means we will capture your newborn in their nursery, in the rocking chair, on your bed, and more. These are more natural daily poses, versus posed in studio. It depends on your style and what you are wanting.

Fulshear newborn photographer

Most clients want to order a custom album for their newborn session. This is one of the best ways to display and enjoy your precious baby’s very first portraits.

baby photos in katy

Whether we do in home baby photos or posed newborn photos, I will make sure to capture your baby just how you image. At the end of your experience you will have gorgeous photos of your new baby and either prints or a beautiful big album to share with your friends and family.

Want to see another session?

You can book me through my website.

Headshot photographer near me

MJ is a Headshot photographer near me

Headshot photographer near me

Ashlena is writing a children’s book, so she needed some headshot/branding images.

Your headshot is the first thing that is going to be seen online by your future clients or customers. You have to make sure that first 5 seconds capture their attention. During your consultation, we will talk over what type of headshots that you need. What do you do? Do you own a business? Are you getting a promotion? Even looking for a new job, you want a new headshot portrait! Some people come to update their Linkln as well.

katy headshot photographer

Here she has two options for the same portrait. Book pages and no book pages. That way she has multiple uses for the same portrait! When getting your branding/headshots done, you want to make sure the photographer fits your vision perfectly.

Headshot photographer in Katy

Everything will be custom to your headshots. The colors, style, lighting, clothing, and more. Hair and makeup is always included with your session.

best houston headshot photographer

She wanted a very natural, neutral, welcoming session. This portrait is very approachable, which is what you want for an author! I have known her since elementary school. She called me up, told me she’s writing and book, and she wanted to hire the best headshot photographer, and said it was me! This made my day. She drove around 3 hours one way to capture these. I think we nailed them.

Look for her book on Amazon. I’ll come and link it once it is released.

Fulshear headshots

Are you looking for a Headshot photographer near me? I travel! I am located in the Katy/Fulshear area, but do travel.

Why hire me for your headshots? I will ask you what your specialty is, what your goals are, and what your vision for your headshots are. I will provide you with wardrobe advice, schedule your hair and makeup artist (yes men need her too), and pose you exactly how you need to be. You can have the most amazing product or service, a killer website, and an amazing personality, but without quality headshots, you’ll never reach your full potential. Call me, let’s do this!

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Katy newborn photography studio-When should you book?

Katy newborn photography studio-MJ

When should you book your newborn session? Every photographer is different for this, but ideally you should book during your first or second trimester. This makes sure the photographer has your due date available! Most photographers only book a certain amount of newborns a month, make sure you are in there!

The best time to book your newborn photos is when you are around 20 weeks along. You will want to photograph your baby when they are between 5-17 days.

Katy newborn photography studio

Really? Book your newborn photos while you are still pregnant?

Yes! Here’s why. Most photographers only accept a certain amount of newborn clients per month. This ensures that we are able to capture each newborn within the 2 ish weeks that is best for photos. You really want to capture your newborn baby while they are 17 days are less.

But isn’t my baby still a newborn at 2 months old?

In the real world yes. Yes they are. But in photography world, newborn photoshoots are done within 2-3 weeks. This is because after two weeks of age, babies start waking up more and are less posable. Simply put, babies 2 weeks or under sleep a lot more and squish into poses better.

newborn photographer in Bellaire

So if I forget to book within the first two weeks, is it too late for a newborn session?

No. While it is preferred that you bring your baby for their session in studio while they are under the 2ish weeks, it is not mandatory. Some photographers will turn you away, but others like me will gladly still take your little one in studio and capture them. All poses are not guaranteed, and you have more awake shots than asleep, but it is definitely still possible!

houston newborn photographer, katy newborn photographer, fulshear newborn photographer, weston lakes newborn photos -20

It is never too early to book your newborn photographer. I have had clients book me at 7 weeks along! They know they want their baby’s photos done by me and wanted to ensure that I would have an opening for them. So as soon as you know which newborn photographer that you want to use, book them to be safe!

Katy photography studio-MJ

Want to see some other maternity sessions too?

If you want to book Katy newborn photography studio portraits, email me! Let’s get them on the books.

Questions About Booking a Newborn Photographer Katy

You are looking to book a newborn session for your baby. How do you pick? How do you book your session? How old should your baby be? Do you need all of the props? Here are the top questions I get about booking a newborn photographer Katy

Let me help you by answering the top questions I get as a newborn photographer in Katy.

newborn photographer Katy

  • When should I book my newborn session?
  • How old should my baby be for their newborn session?
  • Can I bring my other kids and do family images as well?
  • Do you have a studio or shoot in the clients home?
  • Do you provide all of the outfits and props or do I need to bring them?
  • Are you trained on photographing newborns? Are you new?
  • How long does a newborn session typically last?
  • What if my baby needs to nurse or feed during the session?
  • Do you have a time limit on your sessions?
  • What is the latest age for newborn pictures?
newborn photographer in houston

*When should you book your newborn session? Every photographer is different for this, but ideally you should book during your first or second trimester. This makes sure the photographer has your due date available! Most photographers only book a certain amount of newborns a month, make sure you are in there!

*What age should your baby be for their newborn session? Newborns should be between age 5-14 days old for their newborn session. Why? Because this is the time frame where they are the most sleepy and posable. They are still used to being inside your stomach, so they fold up really well. After two weeks, most babies start being alert and having more wake times

*Can I bring my other kids and do family images as well? Every photographer is different, so make sure you ask this question. For me, the price is exactly the same whether you photograph just your newborn or if you include your whole family. I even provide hair and makeup for mom at no additional cost.

newborn photographer Katy

*Do you have a studio or shoot in the clients home? I have an in home studio where I shoot all of my newborn sessions. I do travel to clients home upon request for an additional travel fee. Why? It takes over an hour just to load the car with all of the equipment and props! Whew!

*Do you provide all of the outfits and props or do I need to bring them? I provide all of the newborn props for my sessions. I have bonnets for boys and girls, rompers, outfits, bows, crates, bowls, wreaths, tiny baby beds, and more! I even have the gowns and dresses for momma and sister!

*Are you trained on photographing newborns? Are you new? This is a good question to ask! If you have a low budget, you’ll have to use someone that is just starting out. But you want to make sure that they know how to handle newborn babies! You do not want to just hand your precious newborn over to anyone. I am not new, I have been photographing newborns since 2015. I am trained by other photographers to pose and handle newborns in a safe way.

Fulshear newborn photographer

Take this pose for example. If a new photographer saw this, they would think the baby is sitting up unsupported. That is not the case. The baby is in a little hole in the rug and the baby has a little neck brace support under the wrap. Additionally by hand is right outside the frame just in case he were to startle. This is safe if shot properly, but can be VERY unsafe if not done correctly.

*How long does a newborn session typically last? My sessions average around 2.5-3 hours long. This includes family and sibling portraits. I do not time my sessions. Meaning, if your little one takes longer (due to feeding or needing additional time being settled) then we will simply take longer. I will never cut your session time off.

*What if my baby needs to nurse or feed during the session? I can guarantee you that they will! Most babies need to break the session up and nurse or feed for a bit. That is totally fine. If someone tries to push through your newborn session and not feed your baby, they are more worried about their time and not your baby. Do not let that happen! Your baby calls the cues.

Katy Fulshear newborn photography

Newborn photographer Katy

*Do you have a time limit on your sessions? This is a great question to ask your photographer. Most newborns take around 2.5-3 hours long, but some of mine have taken up to 5 hours! On the other hand I have had some done in just an hour. I do not time my sessions because I do not know how your baby will be during the session. I do not want you or your little one stressed out. Make sure you ask your photographer this! What happens if my baby cries and we cannot get the shots within your time frame? They need to have a back up plan for you.

*What is the latest age for newborn pictures? I have photographed newborns up to 3 months old. This is not ideal, but it is possible. A photographer should never turn you away because your baby is to old. The session will last a lot longer, simply because it is harder to get them asleep between each pose. But it is not impossible!

Find more newborn images on my website.

Want to see more newborn portraits? I do indoor and outdoor newborn photos.

Family portrait studio photography

MJ’s Photography is a Family portrait studio photography

Family portrait studio photography

Are you looking to capture your family portraits in studio? MJ has a studio in the Fulshear/Katy area as well as downtown Houston!

Either location, you will receive amazing, high end portraits.

Katy studio portraits

It’s so important to capture your kids together. Sibling photos are so important to mom and dad! We love to get genuine smiles and emotions.

Are you looking to capture your Family portrait studio photography? MJ can do it! Check out more photos here.

You can shoot me an email here or give me a call.

Houston studio photography
Fulshear studio photography

Which do you like? Color or black and white photography? I think with this specific portrait, I love the black and white! It looks so classic.

They did their Christmas cards in black and white this year and I love them so much! Such a unique idea.

Isn’t it perfect? So classy!

Family portrait studio photography

If you want a more classic, traditional look, studio photography is for you. There are two locations for studio portraits. One is in Jordan Ranch, near Fulshear and Katy Texas. The other location for studio photography is downtown Houston. Whether you are in Richmond, Katy, Fulshear, or West University, River Oaks, and the Heights, we will shoot near you!

Outdoor photography is an option as well! I specialize in both types of portraits.