Questions About Booking a Newborn Photographer Katy

You are looking to book a newborn session for your baby. How do you pick? How do you book your session? How old should your baby be? Do you need all of the props? Here are the top questions I get about booking a newborn photographer Katy

Let me help you by answering the top questions I get as a newborn photographer in Katy.

newborn photographer Katy

  • When should I book my newborn session?
  • How old should my baby be for their newborn session?
  • Can I bring my other kids and do family images as well?
  • Do you have a studio or shoot in the clients home?
  • Do you provide all of the outfits and props or do I need to bring them?
  • Are you trained on photographing newborns? Are you new?
  • How long does a newborn session typically last?
  • What if my baby needs to nurse or feed during the session?
  • Do you have a time limit on your sessions?
  • What is the latest age for newborn pictures?
newborn photographer in houston

*When should you book your newborn session? Every photographer is different for this, but ideally you should book during your first or second trimester. This makes sure the photographer has your due date available! Most photographers only book a certain amount of newborns a month, make sure you are in there!

*What age should your baby be for their newborn session? Newborns should be between age 5-14 days old for their newborn session. Why? Because this is the time frame where they are the most sleepy and posable. They are still used to being inside your stomach, so they fold up really well. After two weeks, most babies start being alert and having more wake times

*Can I bring my other kids and do family images as well? Every photographer is different, so make sure you ask this question. For me, the price is exactly the same whether you photograph just your newborn or if you include your whole family. I even provide hair and makeup for mom at no additional cost.

newborn photographer Katy

*Do you have a studio or shoot in the clients home? I have an in home studio where I shoot all of my newborn sessions. I do travel to clients home upon request for an additional travel fee. Why? It takes over an hour just to load the car with all of the equipment and props! Whew!

*Do you provide all of the outfits and props or do I need to bring them? I provide all of the newborn props for my sessions. I have bonnets for boys and girls, rompers, outfits, bows, crates, bowls, wreaths, tiny baby beds, and more! I even have the gowns and dresses for momma and sister!

*Are you trained on photographing newborns? Are you new? This is a good question to ask! If you have a low budget, you’ll have to use someone that is just starting out. But you want to make sure that they know how to handle newborn babies! You do not want to just hand your precious newborn over to anyone. I am not new, I have been photographing newborns since 2015. I am trained by other photographers to pose and handle newborns in a safe way.

Fulshear newborn photographer

Take this pose for example. If a new photographer saw this, they would think the baby is sitting up unsupported. That is not the case. The baby is in a little hole in the rug and the baby has a little neck brace support under the wrap. Additionally by hand is right outside the frame just in case he were to startle. This is safe if shot properly, but can be VERY unsafe if not done correctly.

*How long does a newborn session typically last? My sessions average around 2.5-3 hours long. This includes family and sibling portraits. I do not time my sessions. Meaning, if your little one takes longer (due to feeding or needing additional time being settled) then we will simply take longer. I will never cut your session time off.

*What if my baby needs to nurse or feed during the session? I can guarantee you that they will! Most babies need to break the session up and nurse or feed for a bit. That is totally fine. If someone tries to push through your newborn session and not feed your baby, they are more worried about their time and not your baby. Do not let that happen! Your baby calls the cues.

Katy Fulshear newborn photography

Newborn photographer Katy

*Do you have a time limit on your sessions? This is a great question to ask your photographer. Most newborns take around 2.5-3 hours long, but some of mine have taken up to 5 hours! On the other hand I have had some done in just an hour. I do not time my sessions because I do not know how your baby will be during the session. I do not want you or your little one stressed out. Make sure you ask your photographer this! What happens if my baby cries and we cannot get the shots within your time frame? They need to have a back up plan for you.

*What is the latest age for newborn pictures? I have photographed newborns up to 3 months old. This is not ideal, but it is possible. A photographer should never turn you away because your baby is to old. The session will last a lot longer, simply because it is harder to get them asleep between each pose. But it is not impossible!

Find more newborn images on my website.

Want to see more newborn portraits? I do indoor and outdoor newborn photos.

Studio photography Katy TX

MJ’s Photography – Studio photography Katy TX

Children studio photographer Katy TX

Oh Emmett stole my heart. He was so smiley and sweet. Those blue eyes are so beautiful! We wanted to do a studio session to capture Emmett during his cancer treatment. He was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old.

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Studio photographer Katy TX

Isn’t he so perfect? I’m so happy to report that he is now cancer free!

Studio photography is so special to me because it highlights the baby and not the background. A lot of parents like to include both and I love that option!

Studio photographer Katy TX

Look into those baby blues! I can’t handle it.

studio photography near katy texas

If you are looking for a studio photographer in Katy TX, lets talk.

Here are some more studio sessions.

MJ’s Photography is a Katy newborn photographer that is located in the Katy/Fulshear area. MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a high end luxury photographer that creates fine art portraits for her client. MJ will discuss your vision for your portraits, show you the beautiful heirloom albums to the exquisite wall art, as well as review your future investment all before your portrait session. Studio or outdoor sessions are available. You can even do both!

Studio photographer Katy TX – MJ’s Photography

studio photographer katy Texas

Momma wanted to capture his adorable hair before he lost it during treatment.

Black and white or color? I think I vote color for this one.

houston studio photographer

Little Emmett showing off his scar and port scar!

Fulshear studio newborn photography

MJ does Katy newborn photography and Fulshear studio newborn photography

Katy newborn photography Fulshear Newborn photographer Luxury photographer in Houston
houston photographer

When it comes to capturing the little moments of your newborn’s life, safety is always on parents mind. I know that you want to make sure your little one is in safe hands during their photography session.

To ensure the safety of your newborn during a photography session, here are a few things you should look for in a photographer:

• Make sure the photographer is experienced in newborn photography. Ask to see their portfolio.

• Choose a photographer who is comfortable working with newborn babies. They should know how to handle a newborn in a gentle and safe way. • Make sure the studio or in home studio is sanitary. The photographer should also know how to safely position the newborn so they do not ever get hurt. Ask about composites 🙂

• Ask the photographer about their safety protocols. They should also have a plan in place for any potential emergencies.

• Make sure all props used during the session are clean and safe for the baby. The photographer should also be knowledgeable about the safety of any props used during the session.

Want to see another session? Here you go!

Fulshear's best newborn studio
Fulshear family photographer

Hiring a newborn photographer is one of the best ways to capture the fleeting moments of your little one’s life. Whether you’re looking for timeless photos of your newborn or a more stylized newborn shoot, hiring a professional photographer is the way to go.

Houston newborn photographer in Katy

Here are a few reasons to hire a newborn photographer:

• Professional Quality Photos: A professional photographer has the expertise and experience to capture beautiful and timeless photos of your newborn. They will be able to capture the best angles and lighting to make sure each shot is just perfect.

• Safety: A newborn photographer has the experience and knowledge to handle a newborn in a gentle and safe way. They will also be able to position the baby in a way that is comfy.

cypress newborn photographer

• Customized Sessions: A professional photographer can customize the session to exactly what you like. They will be able to work with you to create the perfect backdrop and props for the newborn shoot.

• Stress-Free Experience: A professional photographer will take care of all the details so you don’t have to do anything! Most even have hair and makeup (like me) They will be able to handle the setup, lighting and posing so you can relax and enjoy the experience with your little one.

Just do it!

Want more information?

Katy newborn photography and Fulshear Newborn photographer – MJ’s Photography

Katy photography studio

Katy photography studio – MJ

Katy newborn photography studio

Newborn photography is such a joy. I love photographing little ones very first portraits. I typically photograph newborn babies around 7-17 days. If you photograph newborns less than a week old, sometimes their little tummies are still getting used to milk and cannot settle. On the other hand when you go over two weeks old, the little ones start waking up a little more and tend to settle less. So I love capturing them in studio between those times!

houston newborn photographer

The sweetest little bear! He went to make a little smile and I just got giddy! He’s so perfect.

Mommy loves stuffies…so of course we included lots of dress up animals!

Which is your favorite? I can’t pick and neither could mom and dad! Newborns with little bonnets are my favorite. Katy newborn photography studio – MJ

Mommy and daddy were included in some of PJ’s portrait. I love when parents get into the newborn photos! They grow so fast, you have to capture it while you can.

Also Hair and Makeup is included for momma! It is such a special treat to get your hair and makeup done professionally. Especially when you are so tired.

Black and white or color? I think I tend to lean towards the black and white!

The most perfect family portraits. Want to capture your newborn baby in Fulshear/Katy?

Fulshear newborn studio

Sweet baby boy. Look at his little hair! We keep hoping he has a little hint of red in his hair. I see red hair a little bit!

Black or white for toes? I think I lean towards color here!

This last one is my FAVORITE! Isn’t she perfect. I love combining the baby bump with momma and actually baby!

Katy newborn photography studio

Little baby smiles.

If you want to book a consultation with MJ give me a call! 512-470-6660

Twin newborn baby portraits in Katy

Twin newborn baby portraits in Katy- MJ’s Photography

Twin newborn baby portraits in Katy

Twins are so much fun! I love doing newborn portraits. Twins are even better! I always have an assistant during twin portraits.

Photographer serves, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar  land, Katy, Needville, Wallis, Warton, Brookshire, Missouri City, Arcola, Bay City, Baytown, Angleton, Sealy, Foster, Orchard, Pleak, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Waller county, Brazoria County, Warton County, Austin County and surrounding areas.

Newborn portraits typically happen before 21 days of age. MJ has a studio in Jordan Ranch, Fulshear Texas. Newborn portraits take place in the studio near Katy.

Doesn’t mom look stunning? Avesta is here for every momma before her newborn session with her baby. Click to see more of her work!

Luxury newborn photographer in Houston

Did you know that MJ provides all of the outfits and props for your newborn session? You just show up with your sweet newborn and let me take care of everything else!

MJ’s Photography – Twin newborn baby portraits in Katy

I have a studio in Katy, Texas where newborn portraits are typically done. Hair and makeup is included for mom as well!

Luxury photographer in Houston

I just love how newborns curl up. I love capturing newborn portraits in more natural poses and lighting. It captures every little detail. MJ captures newborns in the Houston area. If you are looking to book a newborn photographer, visit me here! MJ’s Facebook

Twin newborn portraits in Katy

These gorgeous babies traveled almost two hours for their twin newborn portraits.

Katy newborn photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Katy newborn photographer.

katy newborn portraits

MJ specializes in Houston Newborn Baby Portraits, Newborn Photography & Maternity portraits. MJ has a studio for your newborn portraits. All the outfits, wraps, and props are provided.

Photographer serves, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar  land, Katy, Needville, Wallis, Warton, Brookshire, Missouri City, Arcola, Bay City, Baytown, Angleton, Sealy, Foster, Orchard, Pleak, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Waller county, Brazoria County, Warton County, Austin County and surrounding areas.

Newborn portraits typically happen before 21 days of age. MJ has a studio in Jordan Ranch, Fulshear Texas. Newborn portraits take place in the studio near Katy.

Katy newborn photographer

This is one of moms favorite poses! Look how cute those cheeks and lips are.

Look how perfect her hair is! She was the sweetest little girl. MJ’s photography does Katy newborn portraits. MJ has a studio off I10 near Katy and Fulshear.

Katy newborn photographer

Little bum up pose for newborn sessions is always a favorite. It shows all of their little features. Just baby.

Luxury newborn photographer in Houston

newborn baby girl in all white

I love black and white images on the detail shots. Look how gorgeous her little lips and lashes are.

Capturing all of the little details of these sweet babies is so important.

All pink <3

I offer newborn portraits for the Houston and Katy area. Weston Lakes, Fulshear, Katy, The heights, Memorial, Houston, Cypress, Spring, and Fort Bend.

newborn photography in Katy

Momma wanted a Christmas setup for sweet Evelyn.

All newborn portrait sessions include professional hair and makeup for mom! You get to roll out of bed and leave the getting ready to us! You will get camera ready while I start your sweet baby’s portraits.

I love neutrals. They capture newborns perfectly.

Katy newborn photographer

First family of 4 portraits. Big sister is almost 2 years old and she did fantastic. Aren’t they just perfect.

Katy newborn photographer

Look how gorgeous these two sisters are. So perfect in pink. All of the props and outfits are provided in my closet closet!

Baby photography near Rivercrest

MJ’s Photography does Baby photography near Rivercrest Texas. MJ services the Memorial, The Galleria, and the Rivercrest area for portrait needs.

fulshear newborn photographer

There is nothing like being able to hold a brand new baby. Look how adorable his little feet are! He is less than 24 hours old. I love his wrinkly toes.

Finally the hospitals are allowing some visitors inside! I haven’t been able to do a fresh 48 baby session in a year. That yawn!

Baby photography near Rivercrest
Sweet baby yawns

Are you looking for Baby photography near Rivercrest? MJ is your girl! I will come into the hospital to photograph your sweet new baby.

What is it about baby toes? So wrinkly and so precious.

Lucca was born On August 6th at 4:30pm! Momma went in after her water broke and she had a relatively easy and fast (easy for child birth anyway). We know it’s not easy!

Houston photographer

He is a little over 8lb and the cutest brown hair. Look at that little tongue.

Baby photography near Rivercrest

Luxury photographer in Houston

Isn’t he perfect in every way? 8lb of perfect!

weston lakes newborn photographer

Fresh 48’s are typically done within 48 hours and inside the hospital room. They can be done at home though if you prefer (especially with the rules of the hospitals in Houston, sometimes we have to mix it up). These are different than a typical newborn portrait session because they are not posed. Traditional newborn pictures include the baby being all wrapped up and posed into different positions. Most parents opt for both sessions since they are so different! Click to see the latest posed newborn session.

Baby photography near Rivercrest

Black and white wrinkly toes.

Look at his tiny toenails! I can’t get enough of his sweet toes. I love this portrait.

Baby photography near Rivercrest

He started waking up a little at the end, but he didn’t want to open his eyes! Too bright!

Luxury photographer in Houston
That little tongue! Baby photography near Rivercrest- MJ’s Photography
Houston's best baby photographer

I love his little yawns!

Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture your baby? Contact me below.

Newborn Photographer West U

MJ’s Photography is a Newborn photographer West U

Luxury photographer in Houston

Selena called me after her little princess was already born and we had to get her in quick! I’m so glad she called me, because they turned out amazing!

Newborn photographer West University

Look at this gorgeous piece of wall art coming her way! All the way from Europe. Each wood piece is hand crafted and customized for each client.

Newborn photographer West University

Ezlyn gets to have her own wall art collage for above her crib! I cannot wait to see it hung up. Did you know that MJ comes and hangs every piece of wall art for you? We are a full service photography business.

Luxury photographer in Houston

Avesta with Avesta Hair and Makeup came to do hair and makeup for momma for her portraits. I love how mom gets to get pampered before her session. Having a newborn is so exhausting, so just having to show up at the newborn studio right out of bed is a WIN!

Katy newborn photographer

Doesn’t mom look stunning?

Luxury Houston boutique

Daddy and his little girl. So perfect.

First family portraits! These are so special.

Houston family photographer
Newborn photographer West University

Christmas TIME!!!!!

Newborn photographer West U

Momma wanted holiday cards to send out to family. Tell me she isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen! Her little Santa sack is perfect for Christmas.

Here are some more favorites from Ezlyn’s gallery.

Here eye contact made this portrait perfect! I got to use my new heart bowl on her session.

Luxury photographer in Katy
Cypress newborn photographer

This little chin pose in a bucket is my favorite! I am obsessed.

MJ-Newborn photographer West U

Email me here- CONTACT MJ

How to maximize your gallery from a single pose- MJ’s Photography Houston newborn photographer

Houston newborn photographer – MJ’s Photography

katy luxury photographer

How to maximize your gallery from a single pose during a newborn session, while still getting multiple looks!

Newborn sessions can be lengthy especially if that little one just doesn’t want to sleep for you! It is so important to maximize each pose in your newborn galleries. Doing this will help you shorten your newborn session times and still be able to get a great variety of images for your clients. 

It’s all in the wrap!

After doing a couple naked poses I move onto my wrapped poses. Here is where you are going to be able to maximize each wrap! I typically do all of these wrapped poses in an hour.

The first wrapped pose that I do looks something like this. Under this brown wrap is a white basic stretch wrap. It is simple around his chest to hold his hands in place. The brown wrap is simply there for looks and to hold the feet in that cute pose.

katy family photographer Houston newborn photographer

You can see that his hands are in position to get the potato pose, I am working each wrapped pose up to the potato sack pose.

While he is wrapped, you want to get multiple angles. This also gives you the chance for your close ups and of course that coveted feet shot!

The second wrapped pose only requires you to remove the brown wrap that is placed for looks. LEAVE the white wrap that is around the hands and chest on. Change out the outward wrap and change out your bonnet/bow. Grab multiple angles from this setup as well! Below is an example.

houston newborn photography
Houston newborn photographer – MJ’s Photography

Third look. SAME white underneath wrap is on. Baby should still be content because you have left them feeling secure with the white stretch wrap on. Here I am simply using the flokati that I am going to use for the potato sack pose. You can also use this pose to grab the eyelash shot.

Fourth look. You guessed it….I still have on the underneath white wrap. Here you can change out the outward wrap if you choose, this time mom loved neutrals, so I decided to keep the same wrap but changed to a prop to gather a better variety of poses. I added in a bowl with some white fluff and a teddy bear. (NOTE: for me it is super to easy to switch back and forth from props to beanbag due to just swiveling my light, if this is not easy for you, you will have to change up the order a little.)

I also like to grab some profile shots, baby toes, and lips!

About this time mom is done with hair and makeup. So baby is in the perfect wrap for some parent shots. I am usually done with these in less than 10 minutes. Here is just a few.

Fifth wrapped shot! Potato sack time! I know some people do not like this pose…but I am obsessed. I love this pose so much and so do all of my clients. I still have the same white underneath stretch wrap on. I am going to take a second stretch wrap and stabilize the neck and back even more with it. Then you take the third wrap(whichever wrap you want on the outside) and wrap babies feet up to their chest as well. For this session mom wanted an Heirloom album, so I love tying in the same wraps to create a beautiful cohesive album.

Sixth wrapped pose! Just put the 4th wrap over the previous potato sack poses wrap. Same flokati. Like so. Just gives an extra look and takes literally 3 minutes.

Seventh wrapped pose time! Take off the last two wraps, keeping on the two white stretch wraps. Then pick an additional wrap and bonnet to put on. My go to here is the bucket pose!

Here if baby is really asleep, I’ll pull their hands out of the wrap and get a chin pose shot in the bucket. This baby was not down for that pose, so I did chin on arms instead.

Here is an example of froggy pose in the bucket…if they stay asleep. (The first white wrap is still round their chest to make them feel secure).

This is the flow I do for every baby! Of course there will be moderations for each baby, but for the most part I still to this routine. My sessions are typically 2 hours and I get around 80 images to show at their Image reveal session.

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Maternity Photos Katy TX – MJ’s Photography

Maternity Photos Katy TX – MJ’s Photography

Maternity Photos Katy TX katy maternity photographer, newborn photographer, katy photographer, cypress photographer, conroe photographer, the woodlands photographer
Pregnancy portraits in Katy – Stork Vision Katy TX

Katy Texas, near Houston, has the best place to go see your precious bundle at Stork Vision! You can see your little one as early as 10 weeks! Check out their website for more information about newborns.

I just went and visited them and got some amazing displays put up! You have to go check them out. They can do some detail videos and portraits of your little bundle in your tummy. They also have a live video so you can see how your appointment will go.

Here is their website below. Give them a call to book something for your baby.

Stork Vision Katy

Here’s some pretty newborn baby portraits that I captured near here! I do in studio newborn portraits or lifestyle in home newborn photos.

cypress newborn photographer
the reserve at katy photographer
katy newborn photographer
Maternity Photos Katy TX cross creek ranch photographer
Newborn Photos Katy TX

MJ’s Photography – Maternity Photos Katy TX

MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service luxury photographer who provides clients with Wall art, Heirloom albums, and luxury prints.

To book now, click the link below to my website.

Visit MJ’s Photography

Visit me on Facebook!

Email me: mjsphotography2009@mjvanicek

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