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Cypress family photographer

Cypress family photographer

Cypress family photographer – You can’t possible see the beauty of this mountain through a portrait. I tried my best, but this scenery is jaw dropping.

The anxiety of getting this perfect portrait was over the top. Being flown over 2000 miles and knowing that they want a 30×45 acrylic print of this in their house, made me extremely anxious! But we got it! <3

We did two locations in front of Mt. Rainier, this was another. We only had around 3-4 minutes because there was a big group of landscape photographer behind us trying to photograph the sunset on Mt. Rainier.

Cypress family photographer

Aren’t they perfect? Can’t imagine a better couple.

While waiting for the sun to be perfect for the mountain shots, we went into a valley to capture some other family portraits.

Cypress family photographer

I can’t get over Carson’s face here! <3

Cypress family photographer
Cypress family photographer

Day 2 we did another session is a field. Just wait for these! I am so in love. Cypress family photographer

Conroe family photographer
Cypress family photographer

The smiles and the happiness you can feel from looking at their babies sweet faces, make this session everything. There will be a time when you can no longer hold them in your arms, swing them in the air, or kiss them all over. When that time comes, it will mean everything to look back at these portraits and feel the memories.

(Just typing that, I had to run to my babies and kiss them all over…go ahead and do it to yours) <3

Cypress family photographer

Momma and her girl. My main goal on day 2 was to get an amazing portrait of mommy with each of her babies.

Cypress family photographer

Now this one I am SO proud of. If you know Carson, you know he brings Wild to the nickname Wild child lol! He is so fun and full of energy, so getting him to snuggle for a picture is not on his agenda. So this one is everything! And isn’t momma gorgeous? Mannnnnn she looks good!

Cypress family photographer

Momma with both of her kiddos! I love this one showing Kaleigh’s missing tooth!

Here are some more family favorites! Such sweet smiles.

Cypress family photographer – MJ’s Photography

Cypress family photographer
katy family photographer

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Fulshear child photographer – MJ’s Photography featuring Annie Banannie

longviewfamilyphotographer East Texas child photographer

MJ’s Photography is an Fulshear child photographer located in the Fulshear, Texas area.

Fulshear child photographer
Fulshear child photographer – MJ’s Photography featuring Annie Banannie Clothing

Doing photography of children is such an amazing experience for me. I adore getting to know all of my clients children and truly love capturing their big personalities. Any one who has a child, knows this is no easy task. When children are put into new and stressful environments, they shut down. This is exactly what we do not want.

I take a different approach when photographing children. I say this a lot and I mean it, let them be little. We will let them run, play, and explore. This is when we capture them in the most precious moments.

Fulshear child photographer

When taking special portraits of children, I love finding the perfect outfits. I am always searching for beautiful and unique pieces to photograph. While displaying my portraits on the walls of Early View Ultrasound in Houston , I happened to see some gorgeous dresses being featured in their boutique section. This is how I found Annie Banannie Clothing! (Click the link to visit her website)

I personally love dressing my two girls in outfits that are unique, high quality, and of course beautiful! That is exactly what Annie Banannie dresses are.

**A little about Annie Banannie. **

She only creates a handful of outfits for each design. If you find one you love, grab it while you can. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. This helps keep each outfit unique.

Her clothing lines are made to be sturdy, fashionable, and able to be washed in the washing machine. A must for any mom. Yet, each outfit is intricately detailed with it’s own unique array of lace, ruffles, and  appliqués.

Read more…

Elise is 6 months old here and wearing an Annie Banannie 6 month skirt. If you notice, it matches big sisters dress above. The gorgeous lace gives this skirt the perfect touch.

Katy child photographer
Fulshear child photographer – featuring Annie Banannie Clothing

Cinco Ranch child photographer

Cypress child photographer

This sunflower dress is gorgeous! It makes her look like a tiny baby doll.

Purchase here: Sunflower shirt

Fulshear child photographer

Each season Annie Banannie comes out with a new line of clothing. Here is some from her fall line.

This green and white lace dress is everything! The lace underneath adds that special touch to the dress. It is perfect for fall or winter. It is a three piece dress.

Purchase here: Emma Ruffle Dress

Houston child photographer

Fort Bend child photographer

Here is the dress with more of a winter feel. It is absolutely gorgeous. Your daughter needs one!

Fulshear child photographer

Here are a couple more of Annie Banannie’s  Fall inspired line.

How beautiful is this one! Little girls and maxi styled skirts are rare, but I am not sure why! They look amazing. You can then pair this shirt and belt with jeans for a more casual look.

Purchase here: Belle Skirt

Spring child photographer

Because….dragon flies! Swoon!

Purchase here: Kaylei Skirt

Conroe child photographer

The buttons on this shirt are perfection. The lace mixed with the unique pattern of the skirt, give it a unique and vintage look.

Purchase here: Kora Skirt

Cross Creek Ranch child photographer
Houston child photographer – MJ’s Photography

NOW it’s time to see her amazing Holiday line! I fell in love with this reindeer outfit and needed one for both of my girls.

Everything about this outfit is perfect! We even paired the shirt with jeans on somedays!

Fulshear child photographer

fort bend family photographer

Jordan Ranch child photographer

These outfits were perfect for pictures with Santa. Not only are they comfortable, but they look amazing! We got so many compliments. Elise is wearing a dress made from the shirt material.

Fulshear child photographer

Love what you see? Head over to Annie Banannie’s website and get yours ordered!

MJ  | Fulshear child photographer – serving the Fort Bend Texas area for family portraits.

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Katy tx family photographer – MJ’s Photography

Marshall family photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Katy tx family photographer serving the Houston Texas area.

Katy tx family photographer

Getting family pictures done is so important for yourself and for your children. They will have these memories to look back on when they are older. Trust me, they will want them.

Katy tx family photographer
MJ’s Photography – Katy tx family photographer

Every mom stresses about their family pictures. After we mentally prepare for family portraits, we start looking for that perfect photographer, which is a job in itself. whew! We want someone that matches our style, our vision, and who can make us look beautiful! Don’t forget MJ is a Katy tx family photographer that services the entire Houston Texas area!

The next thing we think about is the outfits. What colors will we wear? Do these colors all match well? Does my outfit make me look bigger? Does this color wash me out? Guess what, your photographer WILL help you do all of this…and if they do not, you are not with the right photographer! When my clients inquire, I stress the fact that I am more than willing to send examples. I want you to email me pictures with what you are thinking, I will help you tweak your choices if needed.

Fast forward to the day of the session. First priority…making SURE our kids get their naps. If they don’t, forget it. Nightmare session is happening! Am I right?

Somehow in the midst of either work or taking care of the children all day, we are to find time to get ourselves looking gorgeous. This means bringing out the nice makeup we rarely use, finding the curling iron that has collected dust, and putting on our best outfit. If this is a huge stress on your plate, hire someone to do your hair and makeup or even get a friend to help you do it.

We then have to keep everyone clean until after the session. (ya right!)

 Katy family photographer
MJ’s Photography – Marshall family photographer

After it is all said and done, you will LOVE these. You will cherish them forever. I try to help my clients out as much as possible. If it is helping coordinate your outfits, finding you the perfect makeup/hair stylist to make your portraits extra perfect, or meeting your kids beforehand,  I am there to help.

 Spring family photographer

I also take a different approach to family portraits. I prefer lifestyle. What exactly does lifestyle family pictures mean? (Besides less stress?) Well, it means that we play, we laugh, we have fun. There is no “shot list.” Sure we will try to get everyone looking, but if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter!

 Houston family photographer

I am looking to capture raw emotion. These emotions/shots cannot be staged or posed. These come from playing with your children. That sweet embrace, the innocent giggle from being twirled, or that huge grin from being chased are the pictures that you will fall in love with. That is what makes these portraits extra special. These are the images that families always choose for their wall art. It’s the ones I choose of my own children.

 Sugar Land family photographer

Guess what? One day your children will be all grown up and family portraits will be staring at the camera with a smile. The pictures where you are holding them, hugging them, and kissing them will no longer be an option. Just let that sink in for second. They will be either to big to hold or too cool for you to kiss on. Go grab your rowdy toddler or your teething baby and get your family portraits done! Capture these precious memories while they are here.

Another thing I love to do during family portraits is capture just mom and dad! Once you have little ones, you forget to capture just you two as a couple. I aim to fix that.

 Fulshear family photographer

 Flushear family photographer

Now come book your family session!

MJ  | Katy tx family photographer – serving the Houston Texas area for family portraits.

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