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MJ is a Memorial City newborn photographer located near Houston Texas.

Memorial City newborn photographer

MJ’s photography specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a boutique photographer that designs wall art, heirloom albums, and deluxe prints for her clients.

I cannot wait to see this gorgeous wall art displayed in their home. Isn’t it perfect?

houston boutique photographer

Sweet Addison did amazing for her newborn portraits. She has the most perfect glowing skin.

houston texas photographer

Big brother Jaxson wasn’t so sure at first, but he ended up doing great! At two years old, you never know what to expect. I’m in love with them all!

the galleria newborn photographer

I always book hair and makeup for my mommas. When you are showing up for a morning session with a newborn, you do not have time to get ready. You are so tired! So that is an extra little plus I like to provide for my moms.

memorial city photographer

Look how stunning she looks? I hope she cherishes this portrait forever.

memorial city family photographer

Mom and girl sweet newborn girl.

Here is mom with both of her babies!

katy newborn photographer
Aren’t they perfect?

Daddy and daughter portraits always hold a special place for me. It is just the sweetest thing.

Memorial City newborn photographer
the heights newborn photographer

Look at her little toes popping out! I adore it.

katy baby photographer

baby toes are my favorite! Look how sweet and perfect they look.

houston boutique

First family portraits as a family of four. I think they turned out perfectly.

Here are some singles of Addison.

Memorial City newborn photographer

Such a perfect simple portrait that shows off her sweet little face and toes.

I love black and whites. It enhances the features and takes all of the distraction away. Look how perfect she is.

Here are some more favorites from her session. Memorial City newborn photographer

fine art photographer

Pretty in pink.

Twin Boys 1st Birthday – Baby Photography Sugar Land, TX

Baby photography sugar land tx

I am a Baby photography sugar land tx who enjoys photographing 1st Birthdays! What’s harder than having a toddler? Having two toddlers of course! I was honored to be chosen as their photographer in the Sugar Land and  Houston area to capture their First Birthday. Ezra and Enzo were a joy to photograph. Ezra was as fast as lighting, while Enzo would take his time getting from A to B. Photographing them in the same shot took a little bit of work, but we got amazing portraits of both of the Birthday boys. Two completely different personalities in two adorable little boys! Their daddy is currently deployed and he is scheduled to come back soon! I know they are all ready to be back together.

Of course we had to get a couple portraits of them in the Bluebonnets! They are on a perfect piece of land around the Killeen Texas area.  There are quite a few fields of them in the Killeen and Temple area, you just have to be on the lookout! I just love these of the boys!

*Ezra and Enzo in the Bluebonnets-MJ’s Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

MJ's Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

Mommy even ordered some cute shirts for their First Birthday portrait session! Remember how I said they moved at different speeds? This is how we got some of them together, a crate! <3 By the end, mommy, grandma, and myself were tired. The boys…not so much 😉

MJ’s Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

Baby photography sugar land tx

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Baby photography sugar land tx

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Best photographer cypress tx

Miss Savannah was born with a hole in her heart. Here is her story from her mommy as well as some photos from her “My scar is beautiful” session.

Savannah. She just went through heart surgery! We are showing off her scar with a photo shoot!

Best photographer cypress tx
Heart Surgery Photo Session

“Savannah was born with AVSD, atrioventricular septal defect, or better
known as a hole in her heart. The main side effect Savannah
experienced with AVSD was poor weight gain (only barely reaching the
3rd percentile for her age on some occasions) and even with the
medications and extra calories added to her milk, her little heart was
working overtime burning those calories. She would become tired
quickly, therefore not eating as much as she needed to grow. We decided
to ahead with the surgery to repair her heart when Savannah was 7
months old and with a great surgeon and God’s hand, Savannah’s surgery
was successful and we do not anticipate any future surgeries. She
gained a whole pound in less than 2 weeks post-surgery and is now in the
28% for her weight and age!”

Best photographer cypress tx – MJ’s Photography

Best photographer cypress tx

“Mary Ann (MJ’s Photography) did Savannah’s newborn photos and at the time I did not share her condition but when her Daddy was able to take emergency leave from his deployment, to be with Savannah during the surgery, we had a small window for a family photo session that of course we asked Mary Ann to do. At that time we shared with her the circumstances and Mary Ann offered to do a special session for Savannah after her surgery and at first I was hesitate. I know my daughter will not remember her time in the hospital or the many
prayers over her, but she will always have her scar. Savannah will
always have these beautiful photographs showing the beauty and
strength she has had since she was a baby and she does not ever need
to hide or be ashamed of her scar.”

Best photographer cypress tx – MJ’s Photography

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