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MJ’s Photography is Fulshear’s top photographer.

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Fulshear's top photographer

Your baby’s six-month milestone is here, and it’s time for their next photo shoot! While the newborn days may be long gone, your little one is still growing and changing at a fast rate.

Katy's top photographer

Here’s what you can expect during their six-month photo session:

1. Sitting Up: By six months, most babies can sit up unsupported a little bit. This means that your little one can pose without any propping or holding, making for some cute photos.

Fulshear's top photographer

2. Smiling and Laughing: Your little one’s personality is starting to shine through, and they’ll likely be smiling and giggling throughout the shoot. Be prepared to capture those sweet moments on camera!

3. Interaction: At this age, your baby is becoming more aware of their surroundings and may even be reaching out to touch and explore objects around them. This interaction can make for some great photo opportunities.

4. Favorite Toys: Your baby probably has a few favorite toys by now, and incorporating these into the shoot can be a fun way to capture their current interests.

5. Milestones: Some babies may have reached other milestones by six months, such as rolling over or even crawling. If your little one has developed any new tricks, be sure to capture them on camera!

6. Outfits: Now that your baby is sitting up, you can get more creative with their outfits. Dress them up in cute little costumes or outfits that will make the photos even more special.

Remember to take your time and have fun during your baby’s six-month photo session. These are memories that you’ll cherish for years to come, so make sure to capture all the little moments that make your little one unique.

Fulshear’s top photographer

I can’t wait to capture your little one’s new milestone session! 6 months comes and goes so fast.

Rice Maternity photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Rice Maternity photographer in the Houston area.

Houston photographer

MJ has a client closet for all of her maternity clients. There is no need for you to purchase a gown that you are only going to use for a session. MJ will help design your outfits for your custom maternity session.

Luxury photographer in Houston

MJ has locations that are exclusive for her clients only. Have you seen a waterfall in Houston or Katy before? Well guess what it is here! MJ has the best locations in Katy for your maternity or family session.

Rice Maternity photographer

Rice Maternity photographer

You are welcome to include your significant other in your maternity portraits as well. I love this couple picture on the waterfall! Rice Maternity photographer

Baby photography near Rivercrest

I love including the little details like mommies tummy! Look how cute her belly button is.

weston lakes maternity photographer

Most clients choose to do their maternity session between 30-34 weeks pregnant. That way we don’t cut it to close to your due date. Everyone likes to use more than one gown as well for a little variety in their maternity gallery.

Rice Maternity photographer

Isn’t this image epic! Look how stunning she is. She wanted the gold gown for a goddess look and she nailed it! Her husband tossed the gown and he did a great job. I have this gold gown in my client closet for my maternity mommas.

Luxury photographer in Katy

Would you believe that these location are all closed to one another? I love this portrait so much. Her hair looks stunning in the wind. Avesta of course did her hair and makeup.

Want to see another gallery for my maternity portraits?



Engagement photography near River Oaks

MJ’s Photography is an Engagement photography near River Oaks

Engagement photos are so important to capture before your wedding. All of your wedding portraits will be in your wedding dress and you can’t have those all over your walls of your home. But you can have your engagement portraits on your wall!

Houston Wall Art

Houston Luxury Wall art. Houston luxury photographer. Houston wall art

I love engagement portraits! Such a special time for a couple. Engagement portraits get to capture you guys as a couple! Wedding portraits are totally different because you can’t fully capture you guys as a couple.

Engagement portraits give you a chance to get some amazing portraits for you wall that are not just wedding!

Luxury photographer in Houston
weston lakes engagement photographer

Aren’t they stunning? I love this shot with her ring. MJ’s Photography-Engagement photography near River Oaks

Engagement photography near River Oaks

MJ’s Photography- Katy Texas Look how stunning she looks in green. I just love it so much!

Luxury photographer in River Oaks

Want to see more images in my portfolio? Go here! We can do outdoor engagement portraits or studio portraits.

Here are some more examples of indoor couple portraits! Some clients like them indoor and others like outdoor. I have a studio for the indoor portraits. It is located in Jordan Ranch!

Luxury engagement photographer in Houston

Engagement photography near River Oaks
Such a sweet pose that he did all his own! MJ’s Photography- River Oaks luxury photographer
Houston engagement photographer

She wanted some water shots in her session and this one turned out perfectly! She is stunning! Let MJ capture your engagement photos.


The Houston Heights Photographer – MJ’s Photography

The Houston Heights Photographer – MJ’s Photography. Featuring 30th birthday

Houston photographer

She asked her husband for a Land Rover for her 30th birthday. He really came through on that request didn’t he? So we decided to have some fun with it. Imagine a dog bigger than the car, going through a busy starbucks line…It was so much fun. So many laughs were made during this session.

We had such a fun time doing this 30th birthday session. We of course got approval by Starbucks before we went through. Eric the manager is amazing! This was in Katy, Texas.

Luxury photographer in Houston

Kim’s favorite thing is coffee and her newly adopted dog, Baloo! Baloo was in the shelter at Fort Bend and he now has his furever home! Look how perfect they are. It was meant to be. Click the link to view current adoptions.

Houston pet photographer
Baloo with his new mom

Baloo is around 5 years old they said! He is so perfect and his mom is obsessed with him!

He of course had to get a pup cup through the Starbucks drive through in Fulshear, Texas.

Everyone was staring at us, I mean I would stare as well. It was pretty funny to watch an adult with her dog, go through the drive through in a child’s power wheel Land Rover! But we had a blast. Everyone had the best time.

Houston Heights photographer
Baloo and his pup cup- The Houston Heights Photographer

MJ is a photographer that specializes in newborn, maternity, family, and branding sessions! If you are looking to get headshots or branding portraits for your business, contact me! All sessions include hair and makeup as well.

Here are some headshots from Kim’s professional branding session. Avesta did hair and makeup for her! She always does such an amazing job.

Houston photographer

fulshear headshot photographer

Want to book a headshot session in Katy/Houston with me? I have a special coming up.


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Photographer in Tanglewood Houston

MJ’s Photography is a Photographer in Tanglewood Houston that specializes in newborn, maternity, family, and branding headshots.

Tanglewood Houston Photographer

Are you looking to improve your headshots on LinkIn or for your business website? Our team is perfect for you. We will have a hair and makeup artist here to prepare you for your session! Are you not sure about being behind the camera? Don’t worry! I will pose you every step of the way, down to every little finger.

houston headshot photographer

Multiple outfit changes are encouraged! Having a diverse gallery to choose from is the way to go!

Photographer in Tanglewood Houston

Did you know that the first thing a customer sees is the face of the business? You want to make the right impression and that starts with a great headshot that capture YOU!

I will capture you and your business exactly how you vision. Indoor or outdoor sessions in Katy, Houston, Cypress, and Fulshear are welcome!

Family Portraits August Lakes Katy

Tanglewood Houston Photographer

Houston headshot photographer

Photographer in Tanglewood Houston
Tanglewood Houston Photographer
Houston texas pageant photographer
Houston cheer photographer
Houston pageant photographer
Tanglewood Houston Photographer
Houston branding photographer
Katy headshot photographer, fulshear headshot photographer
Katy pageant photographer Katy headshot child
Katy pageant headshot photographer

I have started capturing headshots for pageants and Glitz pageants and it is a lot of fun! I love capturing little girls and making them feel gorgeous! Every girl wants to be a princess.

Want to inquire about a headshot branding session?


Hair and makeup is done by Avesta

Newborn photographer West U

MJ’s Photography is a Newborn photographer West U

Luxury photographer in Houston

Selena called me after her little princess was already born and we had to get her in quick! I’m so glad she called me, because they turned out amazing!

Newborn photographer West University

Look at this gorgeous piece of wall art coming her way! All the way from Europe. Each wood piece is hand crafted and customized for each client.

Newborn photographer West University

Ezlyn gets to have her own wall art collage for above her crib! I cannot wait to see it hung up. Did you know that MJ comes and hangs every piece of wall art for you? We are a full service photography business.

Luxury photographer in Houston

Avesta with Avesta Hair and Makeup came to do hair and makeup for momma for her portraits. I love how mom gets to get pampered before her session. Having a newborn is so exhausting, so just having to show up at the newborn studio right out of bed is a WIN!

Katy newborn photographer

Doesn’t mom look stunning?

Luxury Houston boutique

Daddy and his little girl. So perfect.

First family portraits! These are so special.

Houston family photographer
Newborn photographer West University

Christmas TIME!!!!!

Newborn photographer West U

Momma wanted holiday cards to send out to family. Tell me she isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen! Her little Santa sack is perfect for Christmas.

Here are some more favorites from Ezlyn’s gallery.

Here eye contact made this portrait perfect! I got to use my new heart bowl on her session.

Luxury photographer in Katy
Cypress newborn photographer

This little chin pose in a bucket is my favorite! I am obsessed.

MJ-Newborn photographer West U


Email me here- CONTACT MJ

Tanglewood first birthday photographer

MJ’s photography is Tanglewood first birthday photographer. MJ specializes in newborn, family, and maternity portraits.

Tanglewood first birthday photographer

I love watching these babies grow. It is my greatest joy to get to capture memories for a family over and over. This sweet girl has seen me twice already! She is one and momma wanted a lemon themed cake smash. I’m so obsessed.

Luxury photographer in Houston
Cake is by Intoxicating Creations

So obsessed with this cake from Intoxicating creations. So gorgeous. And it tasted amazing.

katy family photographer, houston family photographer, houston first birthday photography, cake photographer
MJ- The Reserve at Spring Lake photographer

Look at her! That little finger lick and those little toes popping out, I am so in love. She is perfect. She was all about that cake.

Tanglewood first birthday photographer

Look at her little thighs! Aaaahhhhh. Ellie is the cutest. Yellow is her color! This was such a fun first birthday/cake smash session.

katy baby photographer, houston baby photographer, cypress baby photographer, spring baby photographer

All the smiles when momma started playing with her. Look at those little curls on that sweet head. She’s just a doll!

cypress luxury photographer, the woodlands photographer, conroe baby photographer, katy baby photography, jordan ranch photographer, cross creek photographer

I can’t handle this one! That grin is just perfect. And that tiny little thigh roll just adds to the sweetness.

Luxury photographer in Houston

This outfit on Ellie is AMAZING! So amazing that momma had to go buy one after the session ha ha! Here is the link if you are looking for the best little girls dresses.

Annie Banannie Clothing

I may or may not have a closet full of these dresses. All of my clients are welcome to use them for their sessions.

katy photographer, houston photographer, the galleria baby photographer, cypress baby photographer, the woodlands baby photographer, spring baby photographer, avalon place photographer, houston luxury photographer

Poof dresses are just the cutest on little girls.

cypress texas newborn photographer} {Houston Texas family photographer} {Fulshear newborn photographer}_

Perfection in an image. From the curl in her hair to the curls of her toes, I’m in love! So glad momma chose this one to print. I could look at it for days!

Houston high end photographer – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography is a Houston high end photographer.

Houston high end photographer

MJ is a portrait photographer who lives in Fulshear, Texas, right outside of Houston. I specialize in maternity, newborn, and family portraits.  I service most of Fort Bend;  Cypress, Katy, Fulshear , Conroe, Sugar Land, Pear land, The Woodlands, Spring, and Houston areas.

I started my business, MJ’s Photography, in 2014. My love for my daughter Emma Lyn, ignited my passion for photography. Just the same as I treat her photos, with passion, love, and creativity, I strive to bring out each person’s unique identity and capture their true personality. These encounters drive my passion for photography and challenge me to use my tools in new ways. This is my artistic expression.

katy newborn photographer

This is not a job for me.  I love outdoor family and maternity portrait sessions, and in-studio newborn  sessions. I want to create that perfect image for my clients to hang on their wall for years to come.  Their happiness creates my happiness.  I have created heirloom photos for many families who will pass them on from generation to generation.

katy photographer

Can I capture your special moment

MJ has a gorgeous Heirloom portfolio box! These are imported straight from Ireland. They are custom to every client. You can display your gorgeous portraits on an easel or they are ready to frame.

I have designed a menu that will best suit each individual client and I believe that you should only purchase what you love.

A boutique photography studio, delivering fine art portraiture to Houston Texas.

Houston high end photographer – featuring Wood blocks.

When someone walks into your home and sees your portraits displayed, I want them to say ” WOW! These look amazing I have never seen anything like this!” That is exactly what these imported wood blocks will do!

“As creators of eternal memories, we wish that our photographs would come alive outside of our computers, which is why we have searched for the right way our photographs can enrich our homes. We have developed unique and natural wood products that will make your photographs glow.”

houston luxury photography

“All products have an organic, natural, vintage hint and are made with a lot of love and a great deal of patience.”

MJ’s Photography – Houston high end photographer

MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service luxury photographer who provides clients with Wall art, Heirloom albums, and luxury prints.

To book now, click the link below to my website.

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Newborn photographer near Houston – Newborn photography

MJ’s Photography is an Newborn photographer near Houston – Newborn photography. MJ services the Fort bend area. Katy, Fulshear, and Houston photographer.

Avalon place photographer - Newborn photography

I am so in love with each and every portrait from Aulden’s newborn session. This family portrait is amazing in every way. Are you looking for newborn photography near Katy? I service all of the areas!

Daddy and his baby boy.

Avalon place photographer - Newborn photography

Mommy looked gorgeous for her family portraits. Who looks this great with a week old newborn? She couldn’t be more gorgeous. Avesta did an amazing job on her makeup. Book her here

Avalon place photographer - Newborn photography

Mommy loved the bucket poses during our pre consultation, so I had to make sure we got the perfect one. Isn’t it adorable? I love this bucket pose.

cypress newborn photographer

I love Aulden in green. He is perfect here. His little newborn smile! It’s so cute.

Newborn photographer near Houston - Newborn photography

Dad surprised mom with this AMAZING collage for their wall for Christmas. She had no idea!

houston luxury photographer

What is your vote? Color or Black and White?

Avalon place photographer – Newborn photography MJ’s Photography

cross creek photographer

Here are some more favorites from his newborn session. He is just a week old. His parents drove him over from Conroe.

katy family photographer

Look at their gorgeous family portraits. I can’t pick a favorite.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Houston area, contact MJ now. These beautiful detail shots went perfect in their gorgeous heirloom album. Here is the link to view MJ’s imported albums.

It is never to early to book. I am booking into fall of 2023.

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Newborn photographer – Memorial Houston

Newborn photographer – Memorial Houston – MJ’s Photography

katy photographer

Sweet Karmyn during her newborn session. Mommy drove her and her family all the way from Killeen to my studio in Fulshear. Over 3 hours, thats dedication!

Newborn photographer - Memorial Houston

Isn’t she a doll? I love her in this color. Of course we had to include daddy’s army uniform. I love Army babies! They are so fun to capture.

I am so in love with this bucket pose. Those little hands on those cheeks!

Newborn photographer Memorial Houston
memorial newborn photographer

Look how gorgeous momma is. Her little mini me. Look how perfect they are.

Sibling portraits are always the best. We all know mom just wants a portrait of both of her babies. It is no easy task when big brother is under 2, but we did it. And I love how they turned out

Newborn photographer - Memorial Houston
katy newborn photographer

Daddy and his baby girl. Isn’t it perfect?

memorial newborn photographer
galleria newborn photographer

Their first family portrait with a family of four.

Newborn photographer - Memorial Houston

Here are some more favorites from her session. I love the little bear ears! And her little smirk is so perfect.

These black and whites!!! <3 I love black and whites so much.

Newborn Headbands by Lucky Crickets

It is never to early to book. I am booking into February of 2024.

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