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MJ’s Photography is a Cross Creek Ranch baby photographer that specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits.

Cross Creek Ranch baby photographer

Newborn portraits are my favorite. I truly love getting to capture each newborn in their unique way.

Lillian was such a sleeper during her newborn portraits. She did amazing and got the sweetest little poses.

houston newborn photographer

Momma wanted to capture Lillian in a sweet pink tutu and I am in love with how it turned out.

the heights newborn photographer

Cross Creek Ranch baby photographer – MJ’s Photography

Momma looked absolutely gorgeous for her sweet baby girl’s newborn portraits. She worn one of my gowns for her session and they turned out perfect.

Jordan ranch photographer

Daddy and his sweet baby girl. This one was momma’s favorite of him!

I photograph newborns in my in home studio in Jordan Ranch. I have a cute little space that is perfect for photographing all of these sweet babies!

cross creek family photographer

Their first family portrait. I am so in love with how it turned out! Sweet Lillian’s little feet poking out are just the icing on the cake.

the galleria photographer

I think this one was mom and dad’s favorite! That sweet little smile just topped it off perfectly. You can already see her little personality coming out.

Newborn portrait session are in studio near Katy and Fulshear texas.

katy newborn photographer

I love the simplicity of this portrait. She is perfectly bundled up and her sweet little face is framed perfectly. I just love everything about the picture of Lillian.

Here is a youtube video showing how I composite the chin pose. This pose is always done safely. Never attempt this pose without experience or without compositing it.

Cross Creek Ranch baby photographer

Chin Pose tutorial

Fulshear best newborn photography -MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography – Fulshear best newborn photography

Sophie Rose was perfect for her newborn portrait session. I knew when she looked at me, this was going to be my favorite. Just look at that little face. Mom said she always makes this face!

Fulshear best newborn photography

Those perfect little lips. <3

That perfect little yawn. I tried so hard to capture it, mom wanted a yawn so bad!

Newborn photographer fulshear

Just look! Beautiful sisters.

Fulshear best newborn photography

Big brothers turn. He was a little easier to capture 😉

newborn photographer in Katy
katy newborn photographer
cypress newborn photographer

First family portrait. <3 They are perfect.

Fulshear best newborn photography

I love portraits with just mom and dad with their new baby.

Fulshear newborn photographer

I always love this angle with dad. It shows just how small they are in daddy’s hands. They will never again fit into your hands this way.

Fulshear best newborn photography

Potato sack pose is my favorite! It shows her perfect little face. The rose headband is a perfect touch for Sophie Rose.

Fulshear best newborn photography

Sophie Rose is a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss.

Perfect smile.

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pillow by Jeana

marmalade backdrop by Hello Little

“God makes them, I just capture them.” Jme portraits

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