Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer

Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer

Tell me she isn’t just stunning! I am so obsessed with her maternity portraits. This one just captivates me. The black and white is just amazing! It brings all of the attention to her gorgeous features.

Kasey is expecting her first son and they are so excited about seeing him.

Luxury photographer in Houston

I’m such a black and white fine art portrait fan…not everyone is, but these two sure loved the black and whites and it made me giddy! Gah she just looks so beautiful!

What about you guys? Are you a color or black and white fan?

Katy maternity photographer Houston maternity photographer

I told them to trust me on this one with a white background and I’m so glad they did. They turned out perfectly.

Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer

Look how perfect these two are. You know when you meet a couple and you can just tell that their love is so true? That was these two.

Houston Luxury photographer

She is stunning in this lace maternity gown. I love how it shows off her pregnant belly perfectly.

cypress maternity photographer
Houston baby photographer
Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer

I can’t with this one! Favorite!!!

The woodlands maternity photographer

Here are some more favorites from Kasey’s indoor maternity portraits in the studio.

Katy Maternity photographer- MJ’s Photography

Houston boutique
Houston Boutique photographer

Her sleeves are just the best! She has every holiday on her arm.

Cross Creek Ranch maternity photographer- MJ’s Photography

Gown by Couture Parfait

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Homecoming photographer – Houston family photographer The Patricks

Houston family photographer Homecoming photographer – The Patricks

Being a Homecoming photographer is one of the most amazing jobs in the world. You get to see a family become whole again. 9 months to a year is a long time to be away from each other. It’s so important to capture those first moments back together. Many tears are shed and you want to remember every part of that day. Getting to meet the family beforehand, before their soldier comes back is so important. It truly tells their story of the day.

Here is a little caption of their story!

Homecoming photographer Houston photographer
Homecoming photographer – Houston family photographer The Patricks

Mom and dad are both in the military and daddy was the one that was deployed.

Sweet Nora was born while daddy was deployed. He finally got to meet his sweet baby girl for the very first time! It was the sweetest thing to witness and I was honored to be able to capture it.

Here is when he got to hold Nora for the very first time. I definitely cried!

Nate was so excited to get his daddy back. His eyes just lit up as soon as he saw his dad!

The Patrick’s story was so amazing to capture. Having a baby while your husband is away has to be one of the hardest things a mother will ever do. She is so strong! I am so glad that she chose to have her story photographed and capture those first moments.

Here is some selected favorites from their Homecoming story.

MJ  | Fort Hood Homecoming photographer – Houston photographer

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