Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer.

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

This family was so perfect for their family portraits! Little Grayden turned 1 year old and did so amazing for his family portraits.

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

He loved being with his big brothers! Teen brothers and a one year old brother, momma has her hands full.

Look how adorable he is! His little lips!

Family portraits are great at every age, but I really love family pictures with a one year old. They can’t run away to fast, but always give the cutest expressions.

westin lakes family photographer

the heights family photographer

Let’ talk wall art, I LOVE wall art. Why? Because you get to enjoy your portraits every single day. You will walk by them and relive your memories. Without family portraits on your wall, what is the point? You can’t enjoy them from your computer. Go big!

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer
Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

Look at these handsome teens! They are the best big brothers to sweet Grayden.

houston family portrait photographer

Daddy and son. Look at their smiles!

the galleria family photographer

Doesn’t mom look perfect! I love this portrait of these two. I want it on my own wall!

westin lakes wedding photographer

I love capturing mom and dad together. After having a little one, these photos are always lacking. Aren’t they perfect? #couplephotographer

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

Momma and her boys. I love this one so much! Mom of boys and all smiles.

We chose a different day to get some of this sweet boy’s birthday!

fulshear first birthday photographer
cross creek ranch birthday photographer

That little face! I love his little teeth.

Jordan ranch photographer

Rookie of the year! Isn’t he the cutest little baseball player. Turning one is a big deal. Let me help you capture it perfectly.

uptown park family photographer

ONE! Look at his perfect little grin. Dirt and all. This sweet boy loved being outside.

Cosmopolitan high rise-Galleria family photographer

August Lakes Texas photographer

MJ’s Photography is an August Lakes Texas photographer that services the Houston area.

August lakes photographer

This family wanted their family portraits done on their property near Weston Lakes. Their driveway was gorgeous and perfect for pictures! Avesta came by to do momma’s makeup and hair and both sisters hair! It’s so nice to get all dolled up for portraits. You deserve this experience!

August Lakes Katy Texas photographer

We did each of their little ones individually and they rocked it! Look how cute they all look.

fulshear texas photographer
Houston texas photographer
the galleria family photographer

Cruz took a little convincing, but he did amazing! Look how stunning his momma is!

Weston lakes family photographer
August lakes

Look at these sweet sisters together! August Lakes Katy Texas photographer. These two are beautiful!

child portraits in houston

Of course I had to get a sibling shot. Mom did so good on their outfits! I love them! Little Cruz in between his sisters.

August Lakes katy texas photography

Mom and dad needed some solo shots together. I am so in love with how they turned out. I can’t’ wait to see these in person!

Here are some candid family shots in their driveway. I really love how they turned out. The golden sun really showed off this day. I love the golden hour portraits! Isn’t momma gorgeous in her couple portaits?

memorial houston texas photographer

Here are some more favorites from their family portrait session in Katy.

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August Lakes photographer- MJ

Luxury photographer in Houston – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s photography is a Luxury photographer in Houston Texas that specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits.

Luxury photographer in Houston

I LOVE capturing maternity portraits. They are so near and dear to my heart. Seeing a beautiful mom before she has her sweet baby is such a great memory. I love capturing that sweet baby bump!

I have a closet full of couture maternity that my clients get to choose from. We set up a complimentary consultation where we discuss your portrait vision, try on couture gowns, and discuss how you will want to display your portraits.

Houston luxury photographer

Want a fine art maternity portrait session? One that will grace your walls for years to come? You have come to the right photographer! These are going to be AMAZING!

Isn’t she stunning in this red couture maternity gown? I am obsessed!

Luxury photographer in Katy

Showing off your baby bump is so important. Once your little one is here you will be so surprised at how your belly looked.

Luxury photographer in Houston

Momma and her baby boy.

Momma in the couture eggplant gown by Couture Parfait. This gown fits perfect. It has a mermaid fit with a chiffon train.

Her little princess is wearing Dollcake. I love supplying my clients with gorgeous dresses for their daughters as well. This takes some stress off of your family.

Momma loved the hunter green dress. It looks gorgeous with the red berries. It is made my Couture parfait as well.

Houston luxury photography

She had a spray tan done and left a heart on her belly. I love it!

This momma requested the most unique place for her session….a cemetery. But let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Amanda is pregnant with her rainbow baby. This sweet girl has brought so much happiness to this family.

rainbow baby houston texas

I had so much fun capturing Amanda’s maternity session. She had the most gorgeous baby bump.

Here are some more favorites from her maternity session in Texas.

Houston maternity photographer
Houston fine art photographer

MJ’s Photography – Luxury photographer in Houston

MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service luxury photographer who provides clients with Wall art, Heirloom albums, and luxury prints.

To book now, click the link below to my website.

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Fulshear pet photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Fulshear pet photographer located in Central Texas.

Ashley has been one of my greatest friends since college. She has the most caring heart that anyone could imagine. She currently has 10 dogs. All rescues! She adopts the senior pups that get abandoned at the shelter. We also have to give Carter a round of a “paws”….he lets her do it and loves them just as much lol!

Meet Stanley. This day was Stanley’s last day on earth and it was a joyful one.

Ashley asked if I could photograph Stanley before he left earth side.

Stanley loves his Chick Fil A. So momma brought his favorite nuggets. He enjoyed them so much!

Fulshear pet photographer
MJ- Fulshear pet photographer
Fulshear pet photographer
No bites were being spared.
Fulshear pet photographer

It was so wonderful celebrating his last day. There were lots of tears, but for a moment there was laughter. MJ-Fulshear pet photographer

Here was his momma’s post about his last day.

Last night my legs were cold for the first time in a long time. He always slept by them and the gaping hole in the bed reminded me he wasn’t there. He wasn’t a very big dog, but he had a big personality- I think that’s what took up so much space. I couldn’t have asked for a better last day with my boy though. He had Chick-fil-A for dinner on Monday and again for brunch yesterday (Chick-fil-A because he had standards about his chicken ?), and  Mary Ann took pictures. Then he slept and I napped with him. For dinner he had rotisserie chicken which has symbolically become the last meal in our home. We have done it with each that have gone before them, and the tradition will continue. When we take on frosty face, hospice type dogs, we know what we are taking on. We are taking on a ton of work repaid with endless love. If you ever see me buying a pre-made rotisserie chicken, please hug me. I don’t only get them during this time, but if I buy one when we aren’t saying goodbye to anyone it’s because I am missing them and I want to remember eating our last meal with them.

The day was so different from any of the others, and his passing was peaceful. Stanley has never been a cuddler, but he would absolutely love to lay next to me in bed. He loved that and eating, so that’s what we did. He was having major struggles between kidney disease, Cushings, and bad anxiety from losing his vision and hearing, but he wasn’t on his deathbed. I didn’t worry that he was suffering, but I knew that he would be soon and I didn’t want that for him. I wanted us to have our last day together on our terms, and without the added difficulty of him being in pain. I will never forget the first picture April sent me of him laying on a cold concrete floor in the Garland shelter. My heart broke and I said “pull him and I’ll take him.” I will never forget the first time I held him after his journey with Lori brought him to me. I’ll always remember the first night he spent in our home stretched out with his belly in the air just completely comfortable. He knew he was home even before we did. At that time, I paid for all of his vet bills and told Carter the rescue was paying for them ?. Then I fell in love with him and Carter and I decided he should stay. I will always remember his sassy self and his little gimpy trot that never slowed him down for meals. I’ll always remember how during the height of his Cushings he would wake me up at 4am every single morning for breakfast by body slamming himself into my face. He was my little JFP and we had a special bond-that bond that only a mother could continue to put up with him for all these years. I feel so incredibly honored to have been his Momma for the last 5 years of his life, and I am so grateful that we had the ability to help him pass peacefully.

Run free my sweet Stanley aka Manny aka Manny Potts aka Manner aka JFP. I’ll see you at the #rainbowbridge one day ?”

Hug your pups tonight.


Family portraits Cypress Texas

MJ’s Photography specializes in Family portraits Cypress Texas.

I love capturing families. How else will you remember exactly how your family was in this point and time? Your little one’s will have little memory of their younger age and this is the way to remember it all.

Family portraits are so special. When your kids are all grown up, these are the portraits they will look back on. These portraits will then turn into memories.

I was so glad when I was contacted to capture Laura’s family. They have one year old boy and girl twins! I have an obsession with capturing twins.

Family portraits Cypress Texas

These sweet babies were just learning to walk. I adore this stage.

Look how gorgeous Abby is. This portrait really captured her eyes!

Family portraits Cypress Texas

And this sweet boy. He was so smiley for every picture! I just love his little teeth.

Family portraits Cypress Texas

I adore images where little ones are just being themselves. Where they are just giggling with mom and dad and creating that perfect memory. This is my favorite family portrait image from their session. They will look back on this portrait and feel the great memory. I am obsessed!

Family portraits Cypress Texas

Family portraits Cypress texas

Here are some more favorites from their session. I love capturing individuals of mom and dad with their babies.


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Family photography katy tx

MJ’s Photography does Family photography katy tx

Family photography katy tx

Melissa flew to Texas to visit a friend and then drove 3 hours to get her family portraits done. It was a pretty cold day, but both of her babies did great.

Isn’t he perfect? I took his two year portraits and now he is 4! Time sure does fly.

Family photography katy tx

Introducing little sister. I am in love with her hair.

Family photography katy tx
Family photography katy tx

Mom come the most gorgeous display of wood blocks for her home. I cannot wait to see them on her wall.

Family photography katy tx
Exclusive wood block products – Family photography katy tx _ MJ

Here are some more favorites from their family portrait session.

Family photography katy tx

Family portraits are so special. Little ones grow so fast and you want to make sure to capture them perfectly.

Family photography katy tx

They are so in love with their mommy. <3

Family photography katy tx

I love so many of their images. Such a gorgeous family! I cannot wait to see them again.

Family photography katy tx

MJ  |  Family photographer katy tx

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Katy tx family photographer – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography is a Katy tx family photographer serving the Houston Texas area.

Katy tx family photographer

Getting family pictures done is so important for yourself and for your children. They will have these memories to look back on when they are older. Trust me, they will want them.

Katy tx family photographer
MJ’s Photography – Katy tx family photographer

Every mom stresses about their family pictures. After we mentally prepare for family portraits, we start looking for that perfect photographer, which is a job in itself. whew! We want someone that matches our style, our vision, and who can make us look beautiful! Don’t forget MJ is a Katy tx family photographer that services the entire Houston Texas area!

The next thing we think about is the outfits. What colors will we wear? Do these colors all match well? Does my outfit make me look bigger? Does this color wash me out? Guess what, your photographer WILL help you do all of this…and if they do not, you are not with the right photographer! When my clients inquire, I stress the fact that I am more than willing to send examples. I want you to email me pictures with what you are thinking, I will help you tweak your choices if needed.

Fast forward to the day of the session. First priority…making SURE our kids get their naps. If they don’t, forget it. Nightmare session is happening! Am I right?

Somehow in the midst of either work or taking care of the children all day, we are to find time to get ourselves looking gorgeous. This means bringing out the nice makeup we rarely use, finding the curling iron that has collected dust, and putting on our best outfit. If this is a huge stress on your plate, hire someone to do your hair and makeup or even get a friend to help you do it.

We then have to keep everyone clean until after the session. (ya right!)

 Katy family photographer
MJ’s Photography – Marshall family photographer

After it is all said and done, you will LOVE these. You will cherish them forever. I try to help my clients out as much as possible. If it is helping coordinate your outfits, finding you the perfect makeup/hair stylist to make your portraits extra perfect, or meeting your kids beforehand,  I am there to help.

 Spring family photographer

I also take a different approach to family portraits. I prefer lifestyle. What exactly does lifestyle family pictures mean? (Besides less stress?) Well, it means that we play, we laugh, we have fun. There is no “shot list.” Sure we will try to get everyone looking, but if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter!

 Houston family photographer

I am looking to capture raw emotion. These emotions/shots cannot be staged or posed. These come from playing with your children. That sweet embrace, the innocent giggle from being twirled, or that huge grin from being chased are the pictures that you will fall in love with. That is what makes these portraits extra special. These are the images that families always choose for their wall art. It’s the ones I choose of my own children.

 Sugar Land family photographer

Guess what? One day your children will be all grown up and family portraits will be staring at the camera with a smile. The pictures where you are holding them, hugging them, and kissing them will no longer be an option. Just let that sink in for second. They will be either to big to hold or too cool for you to kiss on. Go grab your rowdy toddler or your teething baby and get your family portraits done! Capture these precious memories while they are here.

Another thing I love to do during family portraits is capture just mom and dad! Once you have little ones, you forget to capture just you two as a couple. I aim to fix that.

 Fulshear family photographer

 Flushear family photographer

Now come book your family session!

MJ  | Katy tx family photographer – serving the Houston Texas area for family portraits.

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into fall of 2019.

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Twin Boys 1st Birthday – Baby photography sugar land tx

Baby photography sugar land tx

I am a Baby photography sugar land tx who enjoys photographing 1st Birthdays! What’s harder than having a toddler? Having two toddlers of course! I was honored to be chosen as their photographer in the Sugar Land and  Houston area to capture their First Birthday. Ezra and Enzo were a joy to photograph. Ezra was as fast as lighting, while Enzo would take his time getting from A to B. Photographing them in the same shot took a little bit of work, but we got amazing portraits of both of the Birthday boys. Two completely different personalities in two adorable little boys! Their daddy is currently deployed and he is scheduled to come back soon! I know they are all ready to be back together.

Of course we had to get a couple portraits of them in the Bluebonnets! They are on a perfect piece of land around the Killeen Texas area.  There are quite a few fields of them in the Killeen and Temple area, you just have to be on the lookout! I just love these of the boys!

*Ezra and Enzo in the Bluebonnets-MJ’s Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

MJ's Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

Mommy even ordered some cute shirts for their First Birthday portrait session! Remember how I said they moved at different speeds? This is how we got some of them together, a crate! <3 By the end, mommy, grandma, and myself were tired. The boys…not so much 😉

MJ’s Photography- Baby photography sugar land tx

Baby photography sugar land tx

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Baby photography sugar land tx

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