Professional Newborn photographer in Houston

Houston photographer

Professional Newborn photographer in Houston- MJ’s Photography

At MJ’s Photography, I strive to bring you something different than just a CD full of images.  Time and again, I have seen couples, mommies-to-be, new parents, or families go through the entire process to fall short, with a lackluster set of photos gracing their homes. That is why we will meet for a design consultation before your session so that I can understand what you are in search of, discuss your vision for your portraits, see the beautiful heirloom albums to the exquisite wall art, as well as review your future investment.

I have designed a menu that will best suit each individual client and I believe that you should only purchase what you love. Collections begin at 1290 and a la carte products begin at 245.

To discuss your potential investment, call the studio at 512-470-6660

Houston high end photographer

A boutique photography studio, delivering fine art portraiture to Houston Texas.

Serving Katy, Houston, Cypress, Spring, Fulshear, Conroe, Sugar Land, Fort Bend, and the Woodlands. Professional Newborn photographer in Houston – MJ’s Photography

I am a portrait photographer who lives in Fulshear, Texas, right outside of Houston. I specialize in maternity, newborn, and family portraits.  I service most of Fort Bend;  Cypress, Katy, Fulshear , Conroe, Sugar Land, Pear land, The Woodlands, Spring, and Houston areas.

Professional photographer in Houston

I started my business, MJ’s Photography, in 2014. My love for my daughter Emma Lyn, ignited my passion for photography. Just the same as I treat her photos, with passion, love, and creativity, I strive to bring out each person’s unique identity and capture their true personality. These encounters drive my passion for photography and challenge me to use my tools in new ways. This is my artistic expression.

This is not a job for me.  I love outdoor family and maternity portrait sessions, and in-studio newborn  sessions. I want to create that perfect image for my clients to hang on their wall for years to come.  Their happiness creates my happiness.  I have created heirloom photos for many families who will pass them on from generation to generation.

Can I capture your special moment


Best Child photographer Katy Texas – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography is the Best Child photographer Katy Texas

Best Child photographer Katy Texas

I love capturing children. I love capturing their personalities and who each of them are. Each child is unique and deserves a session that captures them as who they are. This is how you will want to remember them as they grow.

cinco ranch photographer

Style and Consult Consultation:

I always include a complimentary style & consult consultation with every portrait session. That way we can discuss your family or child’s likes, needs, wants, and your vision. This will help create your vision into life! After all, these will be hanging on your wall for years to come and shouldn’t they be perfect?

Best Child photographer Katy Texas

We will also sit down and go over your wardrobe for your portrait session. This will allow me to help you every step of the way in designing your portrait session. For children, I do have stylish gowns and tiaras for most girls as well. Here is an example below. For women, I have a variety of gowns to choose from.

Best Child photographer Katy Texas

This dress is hand made and designed by Annie Banannie Clothing. She is amazing! If I don’t have what you want, she creates customs as well!

Best Child photographer Katy Texas


Locations are everything! Thats why in our consultation we will go over the vision you have for your portrait session. From open fields, water, forested areas, or city centers, we will find what meets your needs.

Here is a location near Jordan Ranch that I love! Jordan ranch is technically Fulshear, but it is closer to Katy than Fulshear. It doesn’t make sense ha ha. These old oil tanks are beautiful! I love bringing old antiques into our new world visions.

houston photographer

Here are some more favorites from Emma’s session. MJ is the Best child photographer Katy Texas.

MJ’s Photography – Best Child photographer Katy Texas

MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ is a full service luxury photographer who provides clients with Wall art, Heirloom albums, and luxury prints.

To book now, click the link below to my website.

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Newborn photographer – Hidden Falls Cypress

Newborn photographer – Hidden Falls Cypress – MJ’s Photography

Newborn photographer - Hidden Falls Cypress

Look how handsome he is.

Hidden Falls Cypress

Squishy little newborn baby in a bowl.

houston newborn photographer, memorial newborn photographer
fulshear newborn photographer, hidden reserve photographer

I just love him all cuddled up with this pillow.Newborns and pillows are my weakness!

the reserve at katy photographer

Just look at those wrinkles. He was so good during his newborn portraits. His session took about an hour!

newborn photographer memorial houston
la centerra newborn photographer

I love this potato pose. It gets their little profile just perfectly.

Loving him in hunter green! Look at that little smirk.

Newborn photographer - Hidden Falls Cypress

His nursery has palm leaves. So this composite was a must!

luxury photographer houston

Mom and dad joined in for their very first family portrait with their baby boy. Aren’t they perfect?

houston family photographer
conroe photographer

Mommy and her boy. I can just see her glowing pride.

katy photographer, cypress photography, memorial photography, houston photography, houston newborn photographer, fulshear newborn photographer

Daddy’s turn.

the reserve at katy

Here are some more favorites from his session.

That smile. <3

houston luxury photographer

It is never to early to book. I am booking into February of 2020.

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Maternity photographer Katy TX – MJ’s Photography

MJ’s Photography is located in the Fulshear area and is a Maternity photographer [that services in the ] Katy TX.

Melissa contacted me before I moved to the Katy area about her maternity and newborn portraits. Once I moved down to Houston, we had a wonderful consultation at her house in Conroe, Texas. We got to look at possible wall art locations, get to know each other, look at products, as well as try on lots of gowns! The fun part!

Melissa and her husband Kevin, decided on the Burgundy gown by Sew Trendy, the rust gown by Leah Marie Couture, and the gold gown by Abby Bella Couture.

Melissa’s favorite was the Burgundy gown. I love this gown on her. It is such a perfect color for the scenery she envisioned. She is 33 weeks and looks so perfect pregnant.

Maternity photographer Katy TX

How gorgeous does she look in this forest? Her hair and makeup was done by the amazing Aventa. Check her out for all of your beauty needs!

cinco ranch photographer

Kevin’s favorite gown was the rust gown. He said that she looked like a “nature goddess.” I do love this one on her. It goes perfectly with the crown that she made!

cinco ranch maternity photographer

I’m obsessed with this one. This dress, this pose, and that perfect baby belly. I can’t wait to meet little Auiden. He is already so loved. The excitement his momma had just showing me his chubby little cheeks in his 4D ultrasound photo, just made me even more excited for his newborn session.

Hidden Falls in Cypress

Here are some more favorites. These maternity portraits were taken in Katy, Texas. Maternity photographer Katy TX

Hidden Falls photographer

The last gown is the gold gown. The fancy gown as we called it. Kevin was all dressed up to match his beautiful wife. I love these so much! I would put these all over my walls if they were me!

high end cypress photographer

Kevin tossed the gown for us to give us that flowy look. On one toss he threw it completely over her head! He practiced just a little to hard for this maternity session.

Which maternity portrait is your favorite? Can you guess which one was moms favorite? I’ll post it below!

The reserve at Katy photographer

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into October of 2019.

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Katy TX family photographer

Katy TX family photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Katy TX family photographer that specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits.

Katy TX family photographer

I had the honor of photographing the Forrestier family this past week. Tabitha is the owner of Annie Banannie Clothing. She made the girls dresses and the boys vests in this portrait. Go check her out!

This momma rocks being a mom of 6, homeschooling, and OWNING her own business! How incredible is that. Dad owns his own business as well!

Daddy and his babies.

fulshear family photographer
Katy TX family photographer

Momma and her babies.

Katy TX photographer
Katy TX family photographer

Fun fact: Annie Banannie is named after their oldest daughter…Annie! This dress is releasing this week…better run!!

Katy TX family photographer

Mom wanted a special portrait of just her and her girls. They are absolutely stunning during this Texas sunset.

fulshear mommy and me photographer

Here are some more family favorites. I just love all of the candid portraits of them together. I am a huge black and white fan, these really speak to me in black and white!

All 6 of their gorgeous babies. They are so well mannered and extra sweet.

katy tx child photographer

Of course we had to get some of them as a couple. Aren’t they perfect? I love getting images of just mom and dad. How often does this happen?

Katy TX family photographer- MJ’s Photography

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into October of 2019.

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Cypress family photographer MJ’s Photography

Cypress family photographer

Cypress family photographer

Cypress family photographer – You can’t possible see the beauty of this mountain through a portrait. I tried my best, but this scenery is jaw dropping.

The anxiety of getting this perfect portrait was over the top. Being flown over 2000 miles and knowing that they want a 30×45 acrylic print of this in their house, made me extremely anxious! But we got it! <3

We did two locations in front of Mt. Rainier, this was another. We only had around 3-4 minutes because there was a big group of landscape photographer behind us trying to photograph the sunset on Mt. Rainier.

Cypress family photographer

Aren’t they perfect? Can’t imagine a better couple.

While waiting for the sun to be perfect for the mountain shots, we went into a valley to capture some other family portraits.

Cypress family photographer

I can’t get over Carson’s face here! <3

Cypress family photographer
Cypress family photographer

Day 2 we did another session is a field. Just wait for these! I am so in love. Cypress family photographer

Conroe family photographer
Cypress family photographer

The smiles and the happiness you can feel from looking at their babies sweet faces, make this session everything. There will be a time when you can no longer hold them in your arms, swing them in the air, or kiss them all over. When that time comes, it will mean everything to look back at these portraits and feel the memories.

(Just typing that, I had to run to my babies and kiss them all over…go ahead and do it to yours) <3

Cypress family photographer

Momma and her girl. My main goal on day 2 was to get an amazing portrait of mommy with each of her babies.

Cypress family photographer

Now this one I am SO proud of. If you know Carson, you know he brings Wild to the nickname Wild child lol! He is so fun and full of energy, so getting him to snuggle for a picture is not on his agenda. So this one is everything! And isn’t momma gorgeous? Mannnnnn she looks good!

Cypress family photographer

Momma with both of her kiddos! I love this one showing Kaleigh’s missing tooth!

Here are some more family favorites! Such sweet smiles.

Cypress family photographer – MJ’s Photography

Cypress family photographer
katy family photographer

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into October of 2019.

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Fulshear child photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Fulshear child photographer located in the Fulshear/Katy area. MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits.

Oh sweet Birdie. When her momma booked the grow with me package it just made my day! I love being able to see her grow! Look at her now.

Look how gorgeous she is in pink. Her momma wanted to use a similar setup to this one in her newborn portraits.

Newborn photographer Katy texas

Same rug, same wrap, same baby. 6 months later! Oh how she has grown.

Look at this smile!

Beautiful Lottie joined us as well. She is such a sweet big sister. Look at these two.

Katy family photographer

I love included family portraits in with milestone sessions. Family portraits are so important to have. Aren’t they just perfect?

Mommy and Birdie.

Daddy and his girls!

Of course mom and dad needed some of just them two, when does that ever happen?

Want to book? Message me now  (Fulshear child photographer )

It is never to early to book. I am booking into September of 2019.

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Fulshear pet photographer

Fulshear pet photographer

MJ’s Photography is a Fulshear pet photographer located in Central Texas.

Ashley has been one of my greatest friends since college. She has the most caring heart that anyone could imagine. She currently has 10 dogs. All rescues! She adopts the senior pups that get abandoned at the shelter. We also have to give Carter a round of a “paws”….he lets her do it and loves them just as much lol!

Meet Stanley. This day was Stanley’s last day on earth and it was a joyful one.

Ashley asked if I could photograph Stanley before he left earth side.

Stanley loves his Chick Fil A. So momma brought his favorite nuggets. He enjoyed them so much!

Fulshear pet photographer
MJ- Fulshear pet photographer
Fulshear pet photographer
No bites were being spared.
Fulshear pet photographer

It was so wonderful celebrating his last day. There were lots of tears, but for a moment there was laughter. MJ-Fulshear pet photographer

Here was his momma’s post about his last day.

Last night my legs were cold for the first time in a long time. He always slept by them and the gaping hole in the bed reminded me he wasn’t there. He wasn’t a very big dog, but he had a big personality- I think that’s what took up so much space. I couldn’t have asked for a better last day with my boy though. He had Chick-fil-A for dinner on Monday and again for brunch yesterday (Chick-fil-A because he had standards about his chicken 😂), and  Mary Ann took pictures. Then he slept and I napped with him. For dinner he had rotisserie chicken which has symbolically become the last meal in our home. We have done it with each that have gone before them, and the tradition will continue. When we take on frosty face, hospice type dogs, we know what we are taking on. We are taking on a ton of work repaid with endless love. If you ever see me buying a pre-made rotisserie chicken, please hug me. I don’t only get them during this time, but if I buy one when we aren’t saying goodbye to anyone it’s because I am missing them and I want to remember eating our last meal with them.

The day was so different from any of the others, and his passing was peaceful. Stanley has never been a cuddler, but he would absolutely love to lay next to me in bed. He loved that and eating, so that’s what we did. He was having major struggles between kidney disease, Cushings, and bad anxiety from losing his vision and hearing, but he wasn’t on his deathbed. I didn’t worry that he was suffering, but I knew that he would be soon and I didn’t want that for him. I wanted us to have our last day together on our terms, and without the added difficulty of him being in pain. I will never forget the first picture April sent me of him laying on a cold concrete floor in the Garland shelter. My heart broke and I said “pull him and I’ll take him.” I will never forget the first time I held him after his journey with Lori brought him to me. I’ll always remember the first night he spent in our home stretched out with his belly in the air just completely comfortable. He knew he was home even before we did. At that time, I paid for all of his vet bills and told Carter the rescue was paying for them 😂. Then I fell in love with him and Carter and I decided he should stay. I will always remember his sassy self and his little gimpy trot that never slowed him down for meals. I’ll always remember how during the height of his Cushings he would wake me up at 4am every single morning for breakfast by body slamming himself into my face. He was my little JFP and we had a special bond-that bond that only a mother could continue to put up with him for all these years. I feel so incredibly honored to have been his Momma for the last 5 years of his life, and I am so grateful that we had the ability to help him pass peacefully.

Run free my sweet Stanley aka Manny aka Manny Potts aka Manner aka JFP. I’ll see you at the #rainbowbridge one day 🌈”

Hug your pups tonight.


Family portraits Cypress Texas

MJ’s Photography specializes in Family portraits Cypress Texas.

I love capturing families. How else will you remember exactly how your family was in this point and time? Your little one’s will have little memory of their younger age and this is the way to remember it all.

Family portraits are so special. When your kids are all grown up, these are the portraits they will look back on. These portraits will then turn into memories.

I was so glad when I was contacted to capture Laura’s family. They have one year old boy and girl twins! I have an obsession with capturing twins.

Family portraits Cypress Texas

These sweet babies were just learning to walk. I adore this stage.

Look how gorgeous Abby is. This portrait really captured her eyes!

Family portraits Cypress Texas

And this sweet boy. He was so smiley for every picture! I just love his little teeth.

Family portraits Cypress Texas

I adore images where little ones are just being themselves. Where they are just giggling with mom and dad and creating that perfect memory. This is my favorite family portrait image from their session. They will look back on this portrait and feel the great memory. I am obsessed!

Family portraits Cypress Texas

Family portraits Cypress texas

Here are some more favorites from their session. I love capturing individuals of mom and dad with their babies.


Want to book? Message me now  (Family portraits Cypress Texas  )

It is never to early to book. I am booking into August of 2019.

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Cypress photography

MJ’s Photography captures Cypress photography. MJ specializes in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. MJ services the Houston area for all your portrait needs.

I have been photographing sweet Charlie since before he was born. It’s always an honor to be chosen to capture a family as they grow.

His favorite song right now is Baby shark. Daddy started singing and Charlie was dancing. Look at those little teeth!

He was so happy this morning. I just love this closeup.

Look at him standing up! When did he get so big? 🙁

Look at his eyes here! He is gorgeous! If you are looking for Cypress photography in the Houston area, contact me now.

I love when mommy and daddy want to join in. Look how sweet this family is.

That look on Charlies face while Daddy is holding him up! I love it.

Look at that smirk with his mommy.

Cake time! Charlie devoured his cake. We eventually had to take it away, he would have eaten it all!

So happy eating his cake.

Look at that smile! He loved smashing his cake.

“God makes them, I just capture them.” Jme portraits

MJ  |  Cypress photography – featuring cake smash

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It is never to early to book. I am booking into August 2019.

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