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MJ’s Photography | Homecoming photographer – Saddle Ridge Estates photographer

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MJ’s Photography | Homecoming photographer

Living near a military town in Houston Texas, means that I get to capture a lot of homecoming sessions! Being a homecoming photographer allows me to relate to my clients on a personal and an emotional level. ( I cry during every single one!)

Here is how their homecoming session went.

I got there early with Emily and got to learn so much about her and her family.  He deployed pretty soon after they got married. She started learning to do ballet while she was at home,  which is so amazing! Emily said that after she got past the fact that she was in classes with young girls, it was fantastic. She moved home while her husband was deployed, which is what most military wives do since it gets lonely. She came home just in time for his homecoming ceremony.

Being a Homecoming photographer is a blast. Sitting there waiting with them, the anticipation just builds up for the both of us. The text messages saying that they are on the bus and the announcers saying that they are almost here, just builds up on all of that excitement!

Most homecoming sessions get moved three to four times once they are scheduled. That is the hardest part about being a Homecoming photographer. You have to be able to drop everything, rearrange other sessions, and find a sitter with only a couple of hours of notice. It is worth it in the end, but they are not for everyone!

MJ  | Homecoming photographer – Saddle Ridge Estates photographer

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